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Voxmirage features the songwriting and recordings of Mike Streng and Aaron Nicholes. Mike is a classically trained vocalist who early on sang tenor in a jazz octet and has even performed Italian opera. Mike began playing guitar at age 8 and at age 16 performed with the legendary B.B. King. As a Seattle native, Mike spent the better part of his life immersed in Seattle’s rich music scene performing, writing and recording his craft. In spite of the fact that Mike has spent many years in and out of Seattle recording studios including the infamous Heart studio, ‘Bad Animals’ and has recorded six albums that were never released, Voxmirage is Mike’s debut release.

Aaron Nicholes brings years of experience as a classically trained percussionist, seasoned songwriter and skilled engineer. Aaron’s expertise helped to make this album a unique body of work. Aaron’s background started at Cornish University where Aaron studied Jazz percussion and composition. Not long after Cornish, Aaron found himself immersed in Seattle’s Alternative, Industrial music scene recording numerous albums including his own self-release in 2007 under the name, Deathbed Repentance. Aaron is a former member of the band Kuma and recently did a nationwide tour with KMFDM. 

Voxmirage released their self-titled debut in 2014.

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