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Hi everyone!

You know, we get plenty of emails and comments about the site, lots of requests and suggestions. So we've decided to share a few with you. First of all, we got two nice mentions in New York Times Lesson Plans. If you'd like to check them out, click here and here. We were recently featured in an online article from the Orange County Register, which you can read here.

Here are some edited sample emails, enjoy!

I do enjoy your site, and I trust it - which was why I was wishing it had lyrics,
even though I totally understand why it doesn't.


Just dropping a note to say I really appreciate your liner notes database. It has been quite helpful as I've archived my albums digitally.


Thanks folks for making these album liner notes available!

For years I have tried to figure out who did the background vocals on John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads."  Your liner notes supplied the answer.

When the album first came out, I bought the 8-Track tape.  Later I bought the cassette and still later the MP3 set from Amazon.  I've never seen the liner notes.  Thanks to you guys I could read them.

Nice work!

To whom it may concern,

I stumbled upon this glorious site last week, and I have fallen head over heels in love with it. I have waited so very long to find a resource like yours and to have all this information available is a Godsend.

My greatest thanks to you people providing this website. You have made this music fan -- and certainly many, many others -- overwhelmingly joyous because of it.


That is a Great idea and service you have contributed. Thanx from all music freaks!

Regards: Fred

We just stumbled across your website in the office and it’s made me and my coworkers so happy! We file mechanical licenses for songs all day and having all the song writers and publishers in one place from the liner notes themselves is so helpful! I know we are going to be putting your site to good use and just wanted to say thanks for what you’ve done!

Thank you so much! I ordered a "new" Chazev Ravine by Ry Cooder CD for my father for father's day and it was a rip off from another country w/out liner notes....it made us both so sad. Thank you wonderful folks at this site, we are happy again!


Hello, you crazy cool cats. I just happened across your site while nostalgically google-ing "liner notes". I have spent my childhood, and a an inordinate amount of time as an adult reading and enjoying liner notes of all the albums I've bought as well as liner notes of any style or genre of music I can get my hands on. My friends always ask me how I know who played the guitar solo on such and such a song; this is inevitably followed by the obligatory question, "How do you know that stuff?". My consistent answer is..."LINER NOTES! Do the research." I knew there were quite a few folks like me out there, but an organized project that preserves what I feel is imperative information directly related to music history as well as the general understanding of how music truly bridges all gaps of culture, politics, money, status, etc. by reading the liner notes of an album. In addition, in this ADDHD era, quite succinct and informative reading. Totally awesome that you cats are doing this I will spread the word to all of my music geek friends.
Thank you for your work and time,



Just perused your site for the first time. Nice start to something that crazed audiophiles like me find indispensable.
Do you have a request board? If so, I'd love to acquire the detailed liners that come with each of the releases from the boutique label Hip-O Select. Their reissues have in-depth details from music scholars that are truly fascinating.

I care!!! Thanks for providing this service. A few of us out there are avid readers of liner notes. I’ve always worked in the music industry and these are often very useful for my work (and for personal geek pleasure) so  I find it frustrating not having these now with spotify, itunes and the like.
Cheers, Dominic

This is fantastic stuff, many thanks. These details are essential to an appreciation of the music.


I appreciate what you do.


I care very deeply for liner notes. - Danielle

Dear Friends @ Liner Notes,

I am so grateful to find you! How I have missed pouring over those little booklets or the back of an album to read about the personnel and whatever else the artist has wanted the listener to know. Allmusic has often frustrated me - but I have high hopes for you!

Big thanks, Susan

Dear lonely people at albumlinernotes.com:
I would not have written, but you said you were desperately lonely, so I thought I would write to you.  I am so glad I found you. My nephew is Ted Mallison, one of the people thanked on the liner of the Grammy award-winning album by the Black Keys named "Brothers".
Ted had a falling out with Patrick, his friend from childhood, and I am not sure he even knew he was on the liner. I have been saddened that their friendship has been strained, and Ted only contacted Pat's brother Mike to congratulate him for winning the Grammy for the album cover for "Brothers". Ted has not yet contacted Pat, and I am not even sure Ted knows his name is even mentioned in this album.
Perhaps this "thank you" on the liner is a "shout out" to Ted.  
So, thanks for putting stuff that probably not many people care about on-line for people like me.

Just found your site looking for notes for The Union (Elton and Leon). Liner notes are a significant missing piece on digital albums.


Glad you exist. I truly miss the liner notes on all my mothers old jazz albums which she sold over the years to collectors and vinyl dealers as she moved to CD's.

You fill a great cultural gap.

Just disppointed that  I couldn't find any for Etta James and Houston Person.
But I understand that the to-do pile must be immense.

Best regards,

"Just wanted someone to forward a big thank you to Steve Silberman for his essay on David Crosby. Well done. Thanks again."


"... I also should tell you why this site has so much value for me. The thing is, I am blind and have no chance to read the text on an album or cd, but with my computer with a braille display and synthesized speech finally I have the chance to take part in my big interest of learning musician credits and such things.
So once again: Good luck in the future.


"Hi there & greetings from down under,

I suspect that you're not that desperately lonely, but if you are, I hope that changes soon. Thanks a lot for your service although it is a bit of a double edged sword at times. It's great to read about things that have passed me by, like Teddy Thompson's LA, but not so great to realise that I'll probably never get a chance to listen to it. Your notes & the lyrics on lyric sites seems to be all the cyber evidence that it exists. I can't find it in any of the usual places, but at least I know all about it from your notes.

Keep up the good work & have a great silly season & a safe & happy New Year.


"Hey guys,
Happy Thanksgiving!  Besides being thankful for not overstuffing myself this year, I am thankful for all of the incredible work you have done on your site!  I know how much time and effort goes into reproducing liner notes and your efforts are very much appreciated.  In this day and age of downloads one doesn't always get the liner notes and they are an important part of the music - especially the box sets that are as much about the HISTORY of the tracks as they are about the tracks themselves.  I've really appreciated the notes on the Beach Boys box set and have just started into The Monkees Music Box set.  So thank you again and know that someone out there cares and is very appreciative of all your hard work. :)

"I'm sorry to hear that you are desperately lonely (and i don't really believe that) but I do care.  Thanks for the liner notes for Robbie Robertson's self-titled album.  I got the Bo Deans & Bono but somehow missed Peter Gabriel.  How wrong is that.
But thanks, I'll be visiting your site often!!

"Wow ladies and gentlemen, What a great idea!!!! My love of music as a child led me to read every album, 45, & cassette that I got my hands on! The great one's as well as the ones not so hot. I wanted to know who did what and What was a producer, etc etc. I now make my living in music. I hate that the information that led me to my life's work is sometimes over looked for whatever reason. I love what you're doing!!! You are appreciated!!!!!


"Thanks for your fantastic website.  I have been searching for the extended liner notes to the Beach Boys CD, Hawthorne CA...on I found them on your site.
Many thanks again.
Melbourne, Australia"

"Greetings! This website is a great idea! I only took a quick look but it will be great when you get a lot move volume in general, enter in a more diverse range of music, and when you enter some world music.

I love liner notes for looking at the original year a song was performed and for world music, seeing what country the music is from.

Thanks for what you're doing.


I've asked my students to write liner notes for an album from before 1990 of their choosing.
I want them to use the liner notes not to "analyze" each song, but to put the album in its broader historical context. In other words, use the artist/album as a window into what's happening in 1966 or 1983 or the 1940s or whatever the case may be.
Can you think of good liner note/essays that might serve as models? I'm sure I have read them. Usually they are put together by folklorists or music critics. I just couldn't come up with good examples on the spot. Any suggestions?
Best, Kerry"

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