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Whitney Houston

Arista Records
ARCD 8405


1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

(George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam)
© 1986 Irving Music, Inc. (BMI) / Boy Meets Girl Music (BMI
Narada: Drums
Walter “Baby Love” Afanasieff: Synths
Randy Jackson: Bass Synth
Corrado Rustici: Guitar Synth
Preston Glass: Percussion Programming
Marc Russo: Alto Sax
Greg “Gigi” Gonaway: Simmons
Sterling: Synth Horns
Background Vocals: Jim Gilstrap, Kitty Beethoven, Kevin Dorsey, Myrna Matthews, Jennifer Hall, Whitney Houston

2. Just The Lonely Talking Again

(Sam Dees)
© 1983 Irving Music, Inc. & Lifesrika Music (BMI)
Narada: Brushes on the Kit of Life
Frank Martin: DX7 Vibes, Synth
Randy Jackson: Electric Bass
Cornido Rustici: Guitar Synth
Kenny G: Tenor Sax
Background Vocals: Jim Gilstrap, Kitty Beethoven, Nikki Harris, Jennifer Hall
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Michael Gibbs

3. Love Will Save The Day
(Toni C.)
Produced by Jellybean for Jellybean Productions, Inc.
© 1985 House of Fun Music, Inc. (BMI)
Jellybean: Drum Programming
Linden Aaron: Simmons Toms
Jack Waldman, Fred Zarr: Synths
Paul Jackson, Jr.: Guitar
Paulinho da Costa, Bashiri Johnson, Sammy Figueroa: Percussion
Background Vocals: Whitney Houston

4. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
(Michael Masser, Will Jennings)
Produced by Michael Masser
© 1986 Prince Street Music (ASCAP) / Willin’ David Music (BMI) / Blue Sky Riders Songs (BMI)
John Robinson: Drums
Paul Jackson: Guitar
Nathan East: Bass
Robbie Buchanan: Rhodes, Acoustic Piano
Lee Holdridge: String Arrangements
Robbie Buchanan: Rhythm Arrangements

5. So Emotional
(Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly)
© 1987 Billy Steinberg Music (ASCAP) /Denise Barry Music (ASCAP)
Narada: Drums
Walter “Baby Love” Afanasieff: Keyboards, Synth Bass
Corrado Rustici: Guitar Synth
Bongo Bob: Percussion Programming, Drum Sampling
Background Vocals: Whitney Houston

6. Where You Are

(LeMel Humes, James Calabrese, Dyan Humes)
Produced by Kashif
© 1987 New Music Group (BMI) / Music Corporation of America, Inc., (BMI) Rights administered by MCA Music Publishing, A Division of MCA, Inc.
Kashif, Ralph Schukett: Keyboard, Synths
Kashif: Programming, Rhythm Arrangement
Paul Leim: Drums
Bashiri Johnson: Percussion
Marcus Miller: Bass
Dann Huff, Ira Siegel, Paul Pesco: Guitar
Vincent Henry: Sax Solo
Gene Page: String and Horn Arrangements
Background Vocals: Whitney Houston, Kashif

7. Love Is A Contact Sport
(Preston Glass)
© 1986 Bellboy Music (BMI)
Narada: Drums
Preston Glass: Keyboards, Synth Strings, Percussion Programming
Walter “Baby Love” Afanasieff: DX7, Prophet 2002, Oberheim, Matrix 12
Cory Lerios: Oberheim Expander
Randy Jackson: Electric Bass
Corrado Rustici: Guitar Synth
Shambhu Neil Vineberg: Acoustic Guitar Takamine
Bongo Bob: Percussion Programming
Greg “Gigi” Gonaway: Simmons, Tambourine
Kenny G: Tenor Sax
Raul Rekou: Congas
Jerry Hey: Horn Arrangements
Horn Section: Jerry Hey, March Russo, Wayne Wallace, Premik Russell Tubbs
Background Vocals: Jim Gilstrap, Kitty Beethoven, Nikki Harris, Claytoven Richardson, Jennifer Hall

8. You’re Still My Man

(Michael Masser, Gerry Goffin)
Produced by Michael Masser
© 1986 Prince Street Music (ASCAP) / Screen Gems – EMI Music, Inc. (BMI)
Robbie Buchanan: Rhodes
Randy Kerber: Acoustic Piano
Nathan East: Bass
Paul Jackson: Guitar
John Robinson: Drums
Michael Boddicker: Synths
Gene Page: String & Rhythm Arrangements

9. For The Love Of You
(R. Isley, O. Isley, R. Isley, M. Isley, C. Jasper)
© 1975 April Music, Inc. (ASCAP) / Bovina Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
Narada: Drum Programming
Randy Jackson: Moog Synth
Preston Glass: Linn, Roland 808 Programming
Frank Martin: DX7, Oberheim, Matrix 12, Birds
Kenny G: Alto Sax Lyricon
Raul Rekow: Congas
Background Vocals: Whitney Houston

10. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
(Frank Wildhorn, Chuck Jackson)
© 1985 Scaramanga Music – Rare Blue Music, Inc. (ASCAP) / Baby Love Music (ASCAP)
Narada: Drum Programming
Frank Martin: Piano, Synths
Preston Glass: Synth Programming
Randy Jackson: Bass Synth
Corrado Rustici: Guitar Synth
Greg “Gigi” Gonaway: Simmons
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Michael Gibbs
Background Vocals: Jim Gilstrap, Kitty Beethoven, Nikki Harris, Jennifer Hall

11. I Know Him So Well
(Duet with Cissy Houston)
(Tim Rice, Benny Anderson, Bjorn Ulvaeus)
© 1984, 1987 3 Knights Ltd, Copyright Administered for the World by Union Songs AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Sole selling agent MCA Music Publishing, A Division of MCA, Inc. (ASCAP)
Narada: Acoustic Drums
Walter “Baby Love” Afanasief: Kurzweil, DX7, Super Jupiter
Preston Glass: DX7
Cory Lerios: Synth
Randy Jackson: Electric Bass
Corrado Rustici: Guitar Synth
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Michael Gibbs

Lyrics reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Loved, Produced and Arranged by Narada Michael Walden for Perfection Light Productions (unless otherwise indicated)

Vocal Arrangements by Whitney Houston
Executive Producer: Clive Davis
Front Cover and Innersleeve Photographs by Richard Avedon
Design by Mark Larson
Hand Lettering by Bernard Maisner
Art Production: Milton Sincoff

Management for Whitney Houston: Eugene Harvey, Seymour Flics

Nippy, Inc.


Production Credits For Tracks Produced by Narada Michael Walden:

Recorded and Mixed by David Frazer
Assistant Engineer: Dana Jon Chappelle
Additional Engineers: Lincoln Clapp, Gordon Lyon, Jay Rifkin, Ken Kessie, Maureen Droney
Additional Assistant Engineers: Gordon Lyon, Stuart Hirotsu, Paul “Goatee” Hamingson, Noah Baron, Bill “Sweet William” Miranda, Ross Williams, Rob Beaton

Recording Studios:
Tarpan Studios, San Rafael, CA
Right Track Studios, NYC
Clinton Recording Studios, NYC
The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA

Corrado Rustici plays the Charvel GTM6 Midi Guitar Synth

Dearest “Baby Nip” Sister Whitney: With the freshness of the purest angel sent from the highest heaven, you light and delight our world. Your voice lifts and inspires our hearts and souls tremendously. May the Supreme’s blessing ever be with and for you in strength, love and oneness. Brother Narada

Clive, I am extremely grateful to you and all the great Arista family for the countless opportunities that have been showered upon me. Always feel the commitment of my heart’s fondest love for you. Narada

Roy: You have been an emerald shining in the sun, ever full of encouragement and enthusiasm. My love to you. Always, Narada

Gene Harvey: Your heart radiates and beams with joy whenever I see you. Stay happy, Narada.

Miss “Kitty” and all the great musicians who have helped me on this project. Much love.

Shiloh – Perfection Light Productions, Janice – Tarpan Studios, Sambhava Gregory DiGiovine and David Rubinson Management. I thank you all for your highest expertise in your perspective fields.

‘It has been a serious love thang.’


Production Credits For Tracks Produced by Jellybean Benetiz:

Produced by Jellybean for Jellybean Productions, Inc.
Arranged by Jack Waldman and Toni C.
Engineers: Michael Hutchinson, Doc Dougherty
Additional Engineer: Dennis McKay
Assistant Engineers: Nick Delre, Toni Greene, Jay Healy, Fernando Kral, Tony Maserati, Paul Pesce, Don Peterkofsy, Tim Reppert, Mark Roule, Craig Vogel
Mix Engineer: Michael Hutchinson
Recording Studios:
Sigma Sound Studios, NYC
The Hit Factory, NYC
Z Studios, Brooklyn
Larrabee Studios, LA
Sound Track, NYC

Production Coordinator: Doreen Dorion
Very Special Thanks to: Hank Meyer, Joan Mizelle

Production Credits For Tracks Produced by Michael Masser

Produced by Michael Masser
Engineers: Michael DeLugg, Dean Burt, Jim Boyer, Mike Mancini, Russ Terrano, Fred Law
Assistant Engineers: Fernando Kral, Tony Maserati
Mix Engineers: Russ Terrano
Recording Studios:
Sigma Sound Studios, NYC
Record Plant Studios, NYC
Devonshire Studios, LA
Hitsville, LA
Leed’s L’Mobile, LA
Production Coordinator: Alicia Winfield
Whitney, “You’re Still My Girl” and “The Greatest,” with love, Michael Masser

Produced by Kashif
Engineer: Darroll Gustamachio
Additional Engineers: Russ Terrana, Calvin Harris
Assistant Engineers: Larry Smith, Dennis Mitchell, Bob Loftus, Steve Macmillian, Mike Ross, Mike Dotson, Amy Ziffer, Milton Chan, John Dranchak
Mix Engineer: Darroll Gustamachio for Visual Sound Design, Inc.
Recording Studios:
New Music Group Studios, Stamford, Conn.
Soundworks Digital Studios, NYC
The Hit Factory, NYC
Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood
Hitsville, LA

Production Coordinator: Russell Sidelsky

Mastered at Sterling Sound by George Marino

Thank You’s from Whitney Houston:

First and always first, giving much thanks to the Almighty God for many blessings.

Mommy; What a joy and an honor it was for me to have had the opportunity to be able to do something with you that will be a treasure for me. Love always. Your daughter, Whitney.

Daddy; My chief operating officer. What a smart guy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What more can I say. I Love You. Your daughter, Whitney.

Michael & Gary; I love you. The greatest love is not only learning to love yourself but liking who you are. Your sister, Whitney.

To Donna and my nephew; little Gary; You two are quite a team, and you both have Chinese eyes. What a bundle of joy he is. I love you, Whitney.

Robyn; You are my best friend and you are also quite an assistant. Be strong, for you are a child of the Almighty God and you walk in his love and in his light. I love you, Whitney.

To my cats, Miste & Marilyn. You make my day.

Gene & Seymour; I am very fortunate to have you two. We’ve come a long way. I will never forget you. Love, Whitney.

Welcome aboard, Lynne.

Special Thanks to J.C Simes. Whenever I called, you were there. You’re a gem. Love ya, Whitney.

To Ellen LeVar; Thank you for being a lifesaver. Love, Whitney.

John Simmons; Thank you for being a dear friend and a wonderful musical conductor. Love ya, Whitney.

To Ellen White (Aunt Bae); I love you, Whitney.

Roy Barnes; Thank you for being there. Love ya, Whitney.

To Danny and Sheila, I will never forget you. I love you, Whitney.

Richard Weidenbaum, Robert Ryder, Jerry List and staff; What a pleasure it is working with you. Thank you so much, Whitney.

Paul Marshall and Sheldon Platt; my attorneys, Thank you.

Triad, Richard Rosenberg, Ben Bernstein and the entire Triad Staff, Thank you, Whitney.

My Producers:

Narada: What a joy it was working with you from “How Will I Know” to this. You are great! I knew this, now others will know this too. God bless you, Whitney.

Michael Masser, You have a friend in me always, Love Whitney.

Kashif, What God has in store for you has not been revealed yet. You are soooo talented. You’ve got a friend. Love, Whitney.

Jellybean Benitez, I had so much fun working with you. I never knew someone who had a name that fit them so well. Love, Whitney.

My Record Company:

Clive, Thank you for being there and for helping me make things right. Your all encompassing expertise is timeless.

Donny I., So, you really think you know what you’re doing? You do! Thank you, Whitney.

Tony Anderson, Thank you for your caring involvement. It’s great working with you, Whitney.

Roy Lott, Thanks for everything.

Abbey; The inspector (ha). Thank you.

Melani Rogers: You’re a dol. Love ya, Whitney.

Jim Cawley, Lauren Moran and Sales Team, Thanks for all your hard work! You guys are the best!

Rick B., Jeff B. and Pop Promotion, Now that you’re in charge, you’ve got a lot to live up to. Thanks for all your help!

R&B Promotion Staff, Thanks for starting it all!

Peter Baron, Thanks for keeping me laughing on my feet.

Jean Pierre, You’re a wonderful person to work with. Thank you.

Susan Clary; What a busy girl you are. Thanks.

International: Eliza Brownjohn, Thank you. Rick Blaskey, Thank you.

And Ariola Europe; Thank you Arista all over the world. Let’s do it again.

And, most especially, to my staff, my road crew, my band, and my background singers on the Greatest Love Tour, I thank you.

Thanks to every studio I worked in, and to the musicians who played on this album, and especially to the engineers who work that board. You guys are so important. Thank you.

To my Tour Manager, Tony B.; For me, you are the Best.

Finally, to the radio stations all over the world who play music undyingly. It would be quite difficult to be heard if it were not for you. Thank you.

And to the public: Thank you for listening.

This is for the love of you.

Enjoy, Whitney.


ARCD 8405 (P) & © 1987 Arista Records, Inc., 6 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. Printed in U.S.A. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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