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Wrecking Ball


Emmylou Harris
Wrecking Ball

Asylum Records


1. Where Will I Be
(Daniel Lanois: © Daniel Lanois Songs, SOCAN) 4:15
Daniel Lanois: mandolin, electric guitar, bass, duet vocal
Brian Blade: drums
Daryl Johnson: high harmony vocal, tom tom

2. Goodbye
(Steve Earle: © 1995 EMI Virgin Music, Inc., South Nashville Music, admin. By EMI Virgin Music, Inc., ASCAP) 4:53
Daniel Lanois: mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Malcolm Burn: piano
Larry Mullen, Jr.: hand drum, drum kit
Tony Hall: shaker, bass
Steve Earle: finger picking acoustic guitar

3. All My Tears
(Julie Miller: © 1993 Tinkie Tunes, Word Music, admin. by Word Music, ASCAP) 3:42
Emmylou Harris: acoustic guitar

Daniel Lanois: bass, electric guitar, mandolin, chant vocal
Malcolm Burn: piano
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums
Daryl Johnson: keyboard bass, harmony vocal, vocal chant

4. Wrecking Ball
(Neil Young: © 1989 Silver Fiddle Music, admin. by Silver Fiddle Music, ASCAP) 4:49
Daniel Lanois: electric guitar, percussion
Malcolm Burn: piano, tambourine, vibes
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums, cymbal
Sam O’Sullivan: roto wheel
Tony Hall: bass
Neil Young: harmony vocal

5. Goin’ Back To Harlan
(Anna McGarrigle: © 1995 Garden Court Music, admin. by Garden Court Music, ASCAP) 4:51
Daniel Lanois: mandolin
Malcolm Burn: organ, tom tom, sci-fi synth
Emmylou Harris: acoustic guitar
Daryl Johnson: drum kit, bass pedals, background vocals
Brian Blade: Indian hand drum
Kufaru Mouton: extro percussion

6. Deeper Well
(Dave Olney, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris: © 1995 Hayes Court Music, Irving Music, Inc., admin. by Irving Music, Inc., BMI/Almo Music Corp., Hayes Street Music, Daniel Lanois Songs (SOCAN), admin. by Almo Music Corp., ASCAP)  4:19
Daniel Lanois: electric guitar
Malcolm Burn: keyboards
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums
Tony Hall: bass
Daryl Johnson: harmonic bass

7. Every Grain Of Sand
(Bob Dylan: © 1981 Special Rider Music, admin. by Special Rider Music, SESAC) 3:56
Daniel Lanois: acoustic guitar
Malcolm Burn: organ
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums
Tony Hall: bass
Emmylou Harris: acoustic guitar
Steve Earle: electric guitar

8. Sweet Old World
(Lucinda Williams: © 1992 Lucy Jones Music, Nomad Norman Music, Warner-Tamerlane Pub., Corp., admin. by Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp., BMI) 5:06
Daniel Lanois: guitar, mandolin, bass pedals
Malcolm Burn: slide guitar, piano
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums
Lucinda Williams: acoustic guitar
Steve Earle: acoustic guitar
Richard Bennett: tremolo guitar
Neil Young: harmony vocal, harmonica

9. May This Be Love
(Jimi Hendrix © 1967 Bella Godiva Music, Inc., admin. by Don Williams Music Group, Inc., ASCAP) 4:45
Daniel Lanois: electric guitars, duet vocal
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums

10. Orphan Girl
(Gillian Welch © 1995 Irving Music, Inc., admin. by Irving Music, Inc., BMI) 3:15
Daniel Lanois: mandolin, dulcimer
Emmylou Harris: acoustic guitar, harmony vocal Malcolm Burn: tambourine
Larry Mullen, Jr.: hand drum
Tony Hall: bass
Daryl Johnson: harmony vocal

11. Blackhawk
(Daniel Lanois © 1993 Opal Music[Aludra Music, Inc.,/ASCAP North America Only] ASCAP) 4:28
Daniel Lanois: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Malcolm Burn: piano, drums, tambourine, harmony vocal
Emmylou Harris: acoustic guitar

12. Waltz Across Texas Tonight
(Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris © 1995 Sony Tune, Inc., admin. by Sony Music Publishing, ASCAP/Poodlebone Music, admin. by Poodlebone Music, ASCAP) 4:46
Daniel Lanois: mandolin, electric guitar
Malcolm Burn: piano, slide guitar
Emmylou Harris: acoustic guitar
Larry Mullen, Jr.: drums
Tony Hall: bass
Kate McGarrigle: harmony vocal
Anna McGarrigle: harmony vocal

Lyrics Printed By Permission
Neil Young appears courtesy of Reprise Records
Steve Earle appears courtesy of Mutiny Music
Lucinda Williams appears courtesy of American Recordings
Daryl Johnson appears courtesy of Real World Records
Daniel Lanois appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records
Larry Mullen, Jr., appears courtesy of Island Records Limited.


Emmylou Harris Thank You’s:

“This record was made by a small group of musicians for whose support and enthusiasm and generosity with their time and talent above and beyond the call. I am deeply grateful. I especially want to thank Malcolm Burn for his innovative sounds, his songs and arrangement ideas and for his commitment and energy throughout the project.

Thanks also to the folks at Woodland, Natoma and Kingsway and to Monty Hitchcock and Mary Sharp for a job well done. To John Condon and Kyle Lehning for encouraging me to take the road less travelled, and to my mother Eugenia Harris and Carol Campbell for keeping the home front alive and well.

Most of all, thanks to Daniel for bringing the power and passion of his music to this record.”

Production credits and thank you’s:

Daniel Lanois: Production (with his hands in everything and on everybody)

Malcolm Burn: Recording and mixing/much help with song choices and arrangement/continuous concern from the devil’s advocate/pretty good piano playing

Sandy Jenkins: Extensive set up at Woodland Studios in Nashville/much engineering, when Malcolm was out playing

Mark Howard: Engineering in San Francisco and a great mix on “All My Tears”

Trina Shoemaker: Engineering at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans when Malcolm was busy playing/many great edits and a lot of technical support with sequencing and mastering

Rob Mitchell: The wearer of many hats and general assistant to D. Lanois

Wayne Lorenz: (Wayne The Brain) Assistance and overseeing in San Francisco

Lisa Roberson (Dat Woman) Assistance in Nashville and Woodland

Amy Hughes: Additional assistance at Woodland

Chris Stone: Additional assistance at Woodland

Melanie Ciccone: Management for D. Lanois/much much behind the scenes coordination and planning

Karen Brady: Coordination at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans

Stephen Cox: Assistant to Melanie Ciccone

Diego Pereria: Concept of painting


Mastered at Oceanview Digital Mastering, Los Angeles, CA, By Joe Gastwirt
Photography by Bob Lanois
Photography printing and coloration by Jim Merrill
Art Direction by Juliana Hammond Maxwell
Copy Coordinator: Whitney Sutton

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