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Acousto De Perfecto

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Mike Viola
Acousto de Perfecto

Good Morning Monkey Records


From the original vinyl LP

Side A:

1. Secret Radio

2. Happy and Normal

3. Date Night


4. Primary Care Giver


5. I’m Your Dog

(Viola, George/ASCAP)

6. Thing In C

Side B:

1. El Mundo De Perfecto

2. Soundtrack Of My Summer

3. Closet Cutter

4. Hair Of The Dog

5. Tony Leather Tips*
(Viola, Lea, Reddish/ASCAP)
*after Black Sabbath and William Walton

Performed by Mike Viola and the Violas:

Kate Reddish: Violas, Vocals
Eric Summer: Violas, Vocals
Mike Viola: Acoustic, Vocals


Produced, recorded and mixed by Mike Viola at Barebones Studio and Band House Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

Strings arranged by Eric Summer

Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE
Design by Rizbee Designs
Photograph by Megan Mack
Illustration by Jeff Cummins

Management: Jamie Lincoln Kitman & The Hornblow Group USA

This album was made possible by the Otari 8 Track ½ inch tape machine Money Mark loaned me and the late night Tomorrow show at the Steve Allen Theater that Ron Lynch invited me to play.

Thanks guys.


Manufactured and owned by Good Morning Monkey Records © 2012 GMMR-007
All rights reserved. Distributed and marketed by Hornblow Recordings/Megaforce/RED. Unauthorized Duplication is a Violation of Applicable Laws.

Also available on Good Morning Monkey Records at mikeviola.com

Pretty funny. I was just thinking no one has ever asked me to write liner notes for an LP vinyl flat round thing with a hole in it. Let alone, one with music on it. I am pretty excited about it, and I probably shouldn't be including all this stuff about me right off the bat, but you should know where I'm coming from. I am excited and it’s going to be hard to hold back that excitement. I must hold back my tendency to exaggerate and my love for the ol’ Thesaurus. I am jealous that Mike has so many recordings.

I couldn't imagine recording that many comedy albums. He did have other musicians that helped fill the time up. But I digress. That means that I'm off the topic of what I should really be taking about. I was mentioning something about me that doesn't give any insight into this project where Mike Viola (if that's his real name) took the simple idea of recording songs with two instruments that have the same name as his. Simple idea. Great sound. The first guy who threw a pie in the face of another guy and created a comedy staple, just threw the pie, thinking it might be funny. If Mike did not decide to do this project based on a very simple, stupid idea, you would not have this record album in your hands. I said "record album" Feels good.

Okay! To the album, what you are about to hear is beyond your own reality.

At least you won't believe what you are hearing is happening in your own reality. Well, if that indeed is reality, and not something that just seems like reality to you. Perhaps all is a dream and this album simply the soundtrack.

We can guarantee that you haven't heard anything like it before. I have never heard it before, I am talking about an exact sound. And I have heard a lot of things. Believe me! Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have been given this job.

If I was, indeed, new and inexperienced at hearing "things", I might lose my mind when hearing this album, shouting, "He is not just talking about something! Each word has different tones to them! Do I hear violas? They should only be in an orchestra!", just like you may react, and not be able to talk. By the way, you should read these liner notes before listening to the record, so that I can influence the way you listen to it. So that the act of listening is impending. In a way a little scary, like anything new. Scary in a good way. Have you ever been really scared? So scared that you thought you we're going to die?1 Have you ever been so amazed by something that you began crying, then shaking your head, then laughing, crying again, pointing, then saying "no way!'? Ever felt pain? It can hurt. Pain is hurtful, and so is name calling. But to all of you in Miss Cimler's seventh grade class that called me “froggy", because my voice was changing - Look at me now. I'm writing liner notes for one of the most spectacular, amazing, startling, mind-boggling. stupendous, phenomenal, rare, jaw-dropping, spine-chilling, hair standing-on-end-like, you've got to be kidding me. I've never seen anything like that before, why didn't you tell me it was going to be that scary! Not scary. Good. Isn't anybody editing this? Anyway, eat this, seventh graders (that picked on me) (well, you are not seventh graders anymore) (you have aged liked most people do) (thought listening to this enlightening album may slow down the aging process)


Alright. I have no more to say, except prepare yourself for something fresh, also try not to keep buying those individual plastic bottles of water. That’s just crazy. Also, be thankful Mike Viola wasn’t born Mike Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.

Ron Lynch
Hollywood, California
March 2012


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