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J Records - 8287652350-2

1. A Thousand Beautiful Things 3:06

2. Pavement Cracks 5:09

3. The Hurting Time 7:32

4. Honestly 5:01

5. Wonderful 4:17

6. Bitter Pill 4:01

7. Loneliness 4:01

8. The Saddest Songs I've Got 4:07

9. Erased 4:40

10. Twisted 4:10

11. Oh God (Prayer)

All tracks written by Annie Lennox.
All tracks published by BMG Music Publishing Ltd.,

Produced by Stephen Lipson, except 'A Thousand Beautiful Things'; Produced by Andy Wright, Stephen Lipson and Annie Lennox.

Engineered and Mixed by Heff Moraes

Recorded at the Aquarium, London.

Vocals and keyboards by Annie Lennox
Keyboards, guitars and programming by Stephen Lipson
Keyboards and drums by Peter-John Vettese

Additional rhythm programming by Steve Sidelnyk
Additional guitars by David Ranger & Tim Cansfield

Keyboard solo on 'The Hurting' by Peter-John Vettese
Orchestral arrangement on 'A Thousand Beautiful Things' by David Sinclair Whitaker

Performed by The Pro Arte Orchestra

Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright

Mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering, London.

All lyrics reproduced by kind permission of BMG Music Publishing Ltd.

Photographs by Lennox/Martin

Photographs copyright 2009 La Lennoxa Ltd.

Design by Allan Martin

Management: Simon Fuller, 19 Management

Special Thanks:

Stephen Lipson
Heff Moraes
Ian Sylvester
Simon Fuller
Tara Goldsmid
Richard Harris
Andy Stinson
Joyce Keegans
Allan Martin

In loving memory of Glynn Jones.

This is just by means of a small description to illustrate my thoughts and feelings about the particular image I've chosen for the album cover. This album contains songs that are deeply personal and emotional. In a sense I have "exposed" myself through the work to reveal aspects of an inner world which are fragile. Broken through experience, but not entirely smashed. I am not a young artist in their early twenties. I am a mature woman facing up to the failed expectations of life and facing up to "core" issues. I don't want to represent myself visually in some kind of clinched, airbrushed, saccharine kind of way. I want to reveal myself as I am. For me, this is a powerful and courageous statement. I have never been known to "toe the safety line". In terms of how I represent myself as an artist, I need to be authentic... To take risks...To break the mould when necessary. The "posture" of the image refers back to earlier days of Eurythmics with the "Touch" cover, only this time I have now turned to face the audience eye to eye, as it were. I am as "Bare" as the title suggests. Though not entirely exposed. The image is timeless, genderfree, and racially ambiguous. I could be a statue. A ghostly apparition, or an indian Saddhu. The false lashes represent the artifice of "performance", the colour has been drained from my mouth (where words and sounds issue form) to saturate the title with redness, (signifying lifeforce and anger). I hope it makes sense to you.

Love Annie

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