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Belladonna _______________________________________________________

Anti 86767-2

1. Two Worlds

2. Sketches

3. Oaxaca

4. Agave

5. Telco

6. Desert Rose

7. Carla

8. The Deadly Nightshade

9. Dusty

10. Frozen

11. Panorama

12. Flametop Green

13. Todos Santos


Daniel Lanois, Brian Blade, Daryl Johnson, Brad Mehldau, Malcolm Burn, Victor Indrizzo, Bill Dillon, Aaron Embry, Gilbert Castellanos, Michael Desson


Adam Samuels, Mark Howard, Jennifer Tipoulow, Wayne Lorenz

Photos and artworks:

Jennifer Tipoulow, Margaret Marissen, Malcolm Burn, T.H.

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For licensing or use of this music go to: daniellanois.com

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