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For The Beauty of Wynona

Daniel Lanois
For The Beauty of Wynona

Warner Bros.
9 45030-2


1. The Messenger 5:27

2. Brother L.A. 4:19

3. Still Learning How To Crawl 5:19

4. Beatrice 4:21

5. Waiting 2:00

6. The Collection of Marie Claire 4:17

7. Death Of A Train 5:47

8. The Unbreakable Chain 4:19

9. Lotta Love To Give

10. Indian Red 3:46

11. Sleeping In The Devil’s Bed 3:02

12. For The Beauty of Wynona 5:50

13. Rocky World 2:55

Daniel Lanois: guitar
Daryl Johnson: bass, percussion, vocals, drums
Malcolm Burn: keyboards, guitar
Bill Dillon: guitar, guitargan, mandolin
Ronald Jones: drums, Flintstones’ Kit
Sean Devitt: processed drum loop on “For The Beauty Of Wynona”
Emanual del Casal: bass on “Brother L.A.”
Nicholas Payton on trumpet
Mark Howard: engineering – lots of experimentations
Wayne Lorenz: additional engineering and indafatigable support
Malcolm Burn: ongoing musical left turns

Daryl Johnson: vocal coaching
Karen Brady: keeping it straight
Melanie Ciccone: global juggling
Kevin Laffey: A&R
Richard Blair/Dave Botrill: guitar recording at end of “The Collection Of Marie Claire”

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York City
Trina Shoemaker: technical assistant

Recorded at Real World Bath, TakLab Paris, Dog Town Dublin, Grant Ave Canada, Kingsway New Orleans

Produced By Daniel Lanois

This record was done with a small team. Malcolm Burn helped a lot with production ideas, arrangements, and kept me interested. Mark Howard pushed some real nice sounds though – a good strange balance that I love. Wayne Lorenz was there with his great taste when I needed guidance. And Daryl Johnson taught me to bring my vocals to another level.

Thanks to: Jimmy MacCarstle, Mike Napolitano, leo Nocentelli, Pat Patterson, Jeff Treffinger, Mike Montero, Chris Brown, Brant Soctt, Brian Patti, Iggy Pop, Lisa Germano, Joel Ford, Diego Pereira, Peter Gabriel and Real World Studios, U2 and Principle Management, The Devlins, Bob & Maureen Doidge at Grant Avenue Studio, Linda Duemo, Dean Abatemarco, Karen Kuehn, Cristina Kuta, Peter Nydrie, Kasey Hunter, Ian Galloway, Bettina Wulfing, Anthea Norman-Taylor and Brian Eno, Jane Geerts, Lin Barkass, Jean-Mi Reusser, David Feinstein, Colin Newman, Des Cohen, Nollag McGrath, Cliff Addison, Helen Hamel, Jody Graham-Dunitz, Philip King, Jill Lanois, Jocelyne Lanois, Ron Lanois, Jim Merrill – much photo experimentation, Joshua Pailet and A Gallery For Fine Photography, New Orleans;

Continued Thanks to Lenny Waronker, Steve Baker, Bill Bentley, Kevin Laffey, Jennifer Drake, Valerie Herzberg and all those at Warner Bros. Records and Warner Music International Companies. Special Thanks To Melanie Ciccone, Bob Cavallo, Pat Magnarella and Frank Folliot.  

Jan Saudek: cover photo (The Knife) – Jan Saudek 1993 c/o Art Unlimited, Amsterdam; 
From the book: Love, life, death and other such trifles Bob Lanois: back cover photo
Jim Merrill: couch photo
Stephanie Chernikowski: band photo
Jeri Heiden: art direction/design


Management: Bob Cavallo, Melanie Ciccone, Pat Magnarella
Third Rail Management 10202 W. Washington Boulevard, TriStar Bldg. Suite 26, Culver City, CA 90232

For More Information write to: Opal Information P.O. Box *** Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, UK

All songs written by Daniel Lanois, published by Opal Music (Aludra Music Inc., ASCAP in N. America) except “Still Learning How To Crawl” by Daniel Lanois and Daryl Johnson, Published by Opal Music (Alludra Music Inc., ASCAP in N. America)/Johnson Music/Bill Claffey Music BMI and “Indian Red” by George Landry, Published by Rhinelander Music, Inc., BMI
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