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Blunderbuss (EP)

This is unavailable from iTunes and Amazon.com

Due to their rare status and the current unavailability of these recordings, we are presenting them here for you to listen to. - AlbumLinerNotes.com


Teddy Thompson
Blunderbuss (EP 2004)

Played and produced by TT and BA. 

Recorded and mixed by BA @ MonkeyBoy Studios, NYC. 

01. Up with Love

02. Turning the gun on myself

03. In the studio Yo!

04. Bon Jovi Said

05. Blunderbuss

06. Whatever You Become


All songs written by Teddy Thompson, © 2004 Hatfish Music Ltd PRS except "Blunderbuss", written by Teddy Thompson and Brad Alberta, © 2004 Hatfish Music Ltd PRS & Brad Alberta BMI.

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© 2004 Teddy Thompson | www.teddythompson.com

(Track 2 was subsequently rerecorded for Teddy's album "A Piece Of What You Need.") - ALN

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