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Teddy Thompson (2000)

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Teddy Thompson
Teddy Thompson

Virgin Records America, Inc.,
7243 8 49718 2 3 1


1. Wake Up 4:27
Backup Vocals: Judith Owen
Guitar: Richard Thompson, Gregg Arreguin

2. Love Her For That 4:06
Guitar: Richard Thompson, Randy Jacobs

3. Brink of Love 4:58
String arrangement: Jane Scarpantoni;
Backing vocals: Sally Lworsky
Guitar: Randy Jacobs

4. So Easy 4:02
Backup Vocals: Rufus Wainwright
Guitar: Chris Bruce

5. All I See
Guitar: Richard Thompson, Greg Leisz

6. All We Said
Backing vocals: Sally Lworsky
Guitar: , Richard Thompson, Jon Brion, Greg Leisz

7. A Step Behind
Additional percussion: Carla Azar
Guitar: Jon Brion, Chris Bruce

8. Missing Children 4:29
Guitar: Greg Leisz

9. Thanks A Lot
Guitar: Randy Jacobs

10. Days In The Park 4:10
Guitar: Richard Thompson, Greg Leisz

Produced by Joe Henry

Management: Chris Blake & Blake and Bradford
A&R: Keith Wood
Production Coordination: Mary Hogan
Production Management: Sue Naramore
Art Direction/Design: Len Peltier
Photography: Justin Stevens

All songs written by Teddy Thompson Published by Chalky Music/WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) except “Missing Children,” written by Teddy Thompson and Rufus Wainwright Published by Chalky Music/WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) and Rock & Roll Credit Card Music/Dreamworks Songs (ASCAP) except “I Wonder If I Care As Much” written by Don Everly Published by Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)

Thank you to my family – my Mum for being the best Mum in the world, Muna, Kami, Zak, Steve, P.K., and all the Kenis’! Brian, Claire, Charlie, and all the Pettifers. Dad, Nancy, Jack, Jesse, all the other Thompsons, Coveys, and Frees.

Thank you to all the musicians for such great work and to Joe and Rick for putting it together. A special thanks to Emmylou Harris and Greg Leisz for “I Wonder If I Care As Much.”

Thanks also to Chris Blake, Joe Mock, Keith Wood and all at Virgin, Kenny MacPherson, Alan Mintz, Michael Karlin and Margaret Robley, Michael Badami, Nicki Bassett, Ronda Call, Jonathan Nash, Rhonda Conry, Craig Northey, and Dana Tynan, Tom Dube, Dave Mattacks, Duke Levine, Mike Rivard, and Peter Adams for the Boston sessions. Dave Bassett, Drew Ross, Dan McCarrol, Randy Guss, Ethan Johns, and everyone who sat in at Largo.

This record is dedicated to my grandmother, Betty Pettifer, whom I miss everyday, and hope I’m making proud.

Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonium: Teddy Thompson
Drums and percussion: Curt Bisquera
Bass: Jennifer Condos
Keyboards: Jamie Muhoberac

String section: Bruce Dukov, Andrew Picken, Richard Rintoul, Robert Peterson, Eric Goriain, Michele Nardone, Richard Dodd, Sid Page, Anatoly Posinsky, Jane Scarpantoni, Horns on “Thanks A Lot”: Brian Swartz, Jacques Voyment

Recorded February, 2000 by Richard Barron at Sonora Recorders, Los Angeles, CA.
Assisted by Sam Storey, and Jeff Peters
Additional Recording at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles, CA, assisted by Mike Zainer

Mixed by Rick Will at The Village Recorder, assisted by Christine Sirois and Mike Zainer, except “Love Her For That,” Mixed at Sound City, assisted by Marek

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen
Digitally edited by Stewart Whitmore for Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood, CA

Emmylou Harris appears courtesy of Nonesuch Records.
Judith Owen appears courtesy of Java/Capitol Records
Rufus Wainwright appears courtesy of Dreamworks Records.
(P) & © Virgin Records America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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