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Chutes Too Narrow


The Shins
Chutes Too Narrow

Sub Pop Records
SPCD 625

1. Kissing The Lipless

2. Mine's Not A High Horse

3. So Says I

4. Young Pilgrims

5. Saint Simon

6. Fighting In A Sack

7. Pink Bullets

8. Turn A Square

9. Gone For Good

10. Those To Come


Produced by The Shins and Phil Ek.

Recorded in James' Basement, Portland, OR and Avast! Studios, Seattle, WA,
June - July 2003

Mixed by Phil Ek at Avast! Studios, Seattle, WA.
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC
Design by Jesse LeDoux

Marty Crandall: Keys
Dave Hernandez: Bass, Guitars
James Mercer: Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica
Jesse Sandoval: Drums

with additional musicians:

Annemarie Ruljancich: Violin on Saint Simon
Kevin Suggs: Pedal Steel on Gone For Good

The Shins Wish To Thank In No Particular Order: Phil Ek, Avast! Studios, Megan, Jon, Shawn, Chris, Steve and everyone at Sub Pop; Kristen Meyer; Sara Pourghasemi; Robin Taylor, R. Families; Daniel Tracy; Gamestop 1412; Jim Roth for Moog use; Jeremiah Green; Stuart Hellerman; Kevin Suggs and Chuck Keller for computer assistance; Modest Mouse; Fruit Bats; Beachwood Sparks; Treasure State; Trackstar; David Andrik, Sam Miller; Neal Langford, Ashley; The Titworms; Greg Brown; Matt McCormick; Lance Bangs; Martin Leaper; Elyse; Gogglemouth; all our friends; DAV Bingo; Arirak D.; Ken Van Willis; Fumi Watanabe; Tiny E.; Ryan Holmes; Mr. Lee; Joe Anderson; Brian Tester and Triangle; Busy Signals; The Standard; Miss Tyra; All Girl Summer Fun Band; Humberto Castaneda; Scott Bradford; Bow Wow (RIP); Stacey and Lids.

All songs written by James Mercer, Lettuce Flavored (BMI)

(C) (P) 2003 Sub Pop Records. Sub Pop is a registered trademark of Sub Pop Records, PO Box 20367, Seattle, WA 98102.

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