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GV Box Set, Credits

Executive Producer: Clark Duval and Wayne Watkins

Compilation Produced by Mark Linett, David Leaf and Andy Paley

Engineered by Mark Linett

Mastered by Larry Walsh and Mark Linett at Capitol Studios,

Hollywood, California

Components Coordinated by Kim Niemi

Original Recordings Produced by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys

Art Direction: Tommy Steele and Andy Engel

Design and Illustration: Andy Engel

Photo Research: Brad Benedict

Box Cover: Balsa Wood Surfboard and Additional Contributions Courtesy:

“C” Street Surf Museum, Ventura, California

Photo: Tom Shannon

Back Cover Woody: Craig Butler

Photo: Ron Slenzak

Booklet Cover Color Realization: Ron Larson


Capitol Photo Archives,

Michael Ochs Archives/Venice, Ca.,

Marilyn Wilson Collection

ALL SELECTIONS are from the original mono and two-track masters except: Punchline, Heroes and Villains ‘sections’, Wind Chimes, Do You Like Worms, Love To Say Da Da, Surf’s Up, Vegetables, Ruby Baby, Fairy Tale Music: and CD#5.

Original recordings engineered by: Chuck Britz, Larry Levine, Dave Hassinger, Armen Steiner, Bruce Botnick, James Hilton, Jim Lockhart, Steve Desper, Early Mankay, Tom Murphy, Steve Moffit, Jeff Peters and others.

The following is a list of some of the key musicians who regularly played on Beach Boys sessions:

Guitars – Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, Jerry Cole, Barney Kessel, Billy Strange; Drums – Hal Blaine;

Horns – Steve Douglas, Jay Migliori, Roy Caton, Lou Blackburn;

Bass – Ray Pohlman, Carole Kaye, Lyle Ritz, Julius Wechter, Bill Pitman;

Harmonica – Tommy Morgan;

Accordion – Carl Fortina, Frank Marocco,

Piano – Leon Russell, Al De Lory, Don Randi;

Percussion – Gene Estes, Frank Capp, Jim Gordon;

Strings – The Sid Sharpe Strings;

Special Thanks:

Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Bruce Johnston, Elliott Lott, Jime Fifiled, Hale Milgrim, Russ Bach, Art Jaeger, Cindy Cooper, Mark Dix, Julie DuBrow, Marcia Edelstein, John Fagot, Ron Fumanek, Wendy Furness, Victoria Green, Martin Haxby, Bruce Harris, Mike Heatley, Peter Howard, David Hughes, Larry Jenkins, Adam King, Mick Kleber, Lou Mann, Gordon Mackenzie, Joe McFadden, Krik Melloy, Bill Meyerchak, Sujata Murthy, Mary Newstead, George Nunes, Cathy O’Brien, Bud O’Shea, Eli Okun, John Owen, Rupert Perry, Michael Roden, Alexis Rotelli, Mario Ruiz, Jim Schumacher, David Simone, David Stockley, Mike Storey, Bart Swanson, Ray Tisdale, Chris Windle, Scott Young.

Additional Thanks To:

Chuck Britz, Tom Murphy, Jack Arenas, Skipper Paden, Armen Steiner, Dave Gold, Steve Desper, Earle Mankay, Jeff Peters, Margaret Gwynne, Rick Henn, Van Dyke Parks, David Anderle, Lenny Waronker, Fred Vail, Marilyn Wilson, Audree Wilson, Ross Schwartz, Joe Gastwirt and Oceanview Digital, Robbie Leff, Bob Hanes, Timothy White, Peter Reum, Domenic Priore, Lee Dempsey, Ken Sharp, Elliot Kendall, Gary Gold, Stephen Neill, Don Cunningham, Neal Umphred, Andrew Doe, Brad Rosenberger, Brian Gari, Alan Boyd, Ray Lawlor, Ed Mandelbaum, Mike Grant, Roy Gudge, Gary Stewart, James Austin, Ken Barnes, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Rodney Bingenheimer, Jan Bridge, Les Chan, Mike Clark, Ray D’Ariano, Rick Edgil, Rick Farmalot, Peter Fortnatale, Kevin Gerhsan, Jim Gray, Paul Grein, Laura Grover, Jim Heimann, Wayne Johnson, Lauri Klobas, Harvey Kubernick, Alice Lillie, Jerry McCulley, Neal McCabe, Stephan McParland, Bob Merlis, Gary Nichamin, Natalie Nichols, Michael Patterson, David Poleno, Gary Phillipo, Aldo Pedron, Per Rober, Wayne/Rockaway Records, L.A., Darian Sahanaja, David Schwartz, Gene Sculatti, Craig Slowinski, Peter Steen, Pamela Summer, Paul Surratt, Roy Trakin, Goran Tannfelt, Garry Trudeau, Steve Watsky, Paul Williams, Dwight Whikehart, Jerry Weiss, Arlene Wszalek, Brad Eliott, Annie Yeargin

In The Preparation Of This Set, every effort has been made to make these historic recordings sound as good as they did when the Beach Boys first made them. The producers auditioned numerous tapes in order to find the original single and LP masters which have been used throughout. Songs originally released in mono (as Brian Wilson mixed them) are presented in that format, and no stereo remixing was attempted as it felt that this would not be a faithful representation of the original productions.

Analog Transfers were performed utilizing twenty bit A to D converters, and additional processing was avoided where it felt to adversely affect the music. The previously unreleased material has been selected from a variety of sources, and where indicated has been mixed from the original multi-track masters.

Mark Linett, David Leaf, Andy Paley

– Los Angeles, CA, March, 1993.


P.O. Box 84282,

Los Angeles, CA 90073


c/o Michael Grant,

22 Avondale Road,

Wealdstone, Middlesex HA3 7RE



P.O. Box 106,

North Strathfield 2137, Australia






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