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GV Box Set, Disc Five

1. In My Room (Demo)
2. Radio Spot #1
3. I Get Around (Track Only)
4. Radio Spot #2
5. Dance, Dance, Dance (Tracking Session)
6. Hang On To Your Ego (Sessions)
7. God Only Knows (Tracking Session)
8. Good Vibrations (Sessions)
9. Heroes and Villains (Track Only)
10. Cabinessence (Track Only)
11. Surf’s Up (Track Only)
12. Radio Spot #3
13. All Summer Long (Vocals)
14. Wendy (Vocals)
15. Hushabye (Vocals)
16. When I Grow Up To Be A Man (Vocals)
17. Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Vocals)
18. California Girls (Vocals)
19. Radio Spot #4
20. Concert Intro/Surfin’ USA – Live 1964
21. Surfer Girl – Live 1964
22. Be True To Your School – Live 1964
23. Good Vibrations – Live 1966
24. Surfer Girl – Live In Hawaii Rehearsals – 1967

Brian Wilson’s artistic process has often been written about, but on this CD, we are privileged to get an audio peek inside the studio to actually hear it as it happened, a journey that begins at the “demo” stage, an early version of 1963’s “In My Room.” Next, listen to backing tracks from ‘64 (cuts #3 AND #5) and realize that before these were even recorded, Brian had to know, in his head, what the vocal arrangements were going to be.

On cuts #6-8, you’ll hear Brian in the studio during the Pet Sounds era, developing his ideas through interplay with the musicians, keeping the mood light (e.g., “Let go of your libido”), and essentially, as with “Good Vibrations,” arranging and composing “live.” The alternate version of “God Only Knows” features Brian’s “guide’ lead vocal and an incredible, just-unearthed, a cappella vocal tag. The historic sessions for “Good Vibrations” begin with the very first take of the song (from February, 1966) and includes sections that didn’t make the “final cut,” a previously unavailable piece and the never-before-released completed backing track.

From Smile comes the backing track for “Cabin Essence,” which appears here as it was originally recorded in 1966, prior to it’s assembly for release on 20/20. Listening to cuts #9-#11, you’ll discover inventive instrumental parts that had previously been covered up with vocals.

Cuts #13 -17 maybe the most revelatory cuts on this disc. For these, turn the balance knob on your stereo all the way to one side, and you’ll hear only the backing tracks. Turn it the other way, and you’ll hear just the Beach Boys vocals. You can even leave your balance knob in the middle and hear some of your Beach Boys favorites in a “new” mix. But the idea here is to present more Stack O’Tracks and, simultaneously for the first time ever, Stack O’Vocals…the Beach Boys unparalleled studio singing. (Cut #18 is all vocals and, like most of this CD, it’s in stereo too.)

Cuts #20-22 are outtakes from the ‘64 concert album. “Good Vibrations” was recorded 10/22/66 live at Michigan State University, just prior to its release, meaning the audience is probably hearing the song for the first time. CD #5 and this box come full circle with a unique version of “Surfer Girl,” the first song Brian ever wrote. This recording was made in 1967 and features the original Beach Boys (Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike and Al) singing together for what was just about their last performance as a self-contained unit.

In designing this “Bonus” disc, the compilation producers wanted to make sure that (in addition to the unreleased material on CD’s #1-4) this box contains a bonus for hard-core Beach Boys fans who wrote in with special requests. To do that, we’ve taken our collective dream…to explore the Beach Boys tape library…and made it a reality.

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