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Get A Grip

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Get a Grip _________________________________________________


1  INTRO*  0:24

2  EAT THE RICH*  4:10
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ Almo Music Corp./ Testatyme Music ASCAP

3  GET A GRIP*  3:58
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ Almo Music Corp./ Testatyme Music ASCAP

4  FEVER*  4:14
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc. ASCAP

(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Mark Hudson)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ MCA Music Publishing, a division of MCA Inc./ Beef Puppet Music ASCAP

6  FLESH  5:56
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Desmond Child)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ EMI April Music Inc./ Desmobile Music Co. Inc. ASCAP

7  WALK ON DOWN  3:38
(Joe Perry)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc. ASCAP

(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ Tranquility Base Songs, adm. by WB Music Corp. ASCAP/ Ranch Rock Music adm. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. BMI

9  CRYIN’  5:08
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Taylor Rhodes)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ MCA Music Publishing, a division of MCA Inc./ Taylor Rhodes Songs ASCAP

10  GOTTA LOVE IT  5:58
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Mark Hudson)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ MCA Music Publishing, a division of MCA Inc./ Beef Puppet Music ASCAP

11  CRAZY  5:17
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Desmond Child)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ EMI April Music Inc./ Desmobile Music Co. Inc. ASCAP

12  LINE UP  4:03
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Lenny Kravitz)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ Miss Bessie Music ASCAP

13  AMAZING*  5:56
(Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Richie Supa)
© 1992 Swag Song Music Inc./ Colgems-EMI Music Inc./ Super Supa Songs ASCAP


Special thanks for “Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well” – it was the perfect touch!
Written by Eddie Delange/John Brooks/Lucky Millinder. Published by Warner Bros. Inc./Scarsdale Music Corp./Arnel Music Corp. ASCAP. All Rights on behalf of Scarsdale Music Corp. adm. by Warner Bros. Inc.

Lyrics Reprinted by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

STEVEN TYLER: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica, Mandolin
JOE PERRY: Guitar, Dulcimer, Vocals
TOM HAMILTON: Electric Bass
JOEY KRAMER: Drums, Percussion


Mixed by Brendan O’Brien at Can-Am Studios, Tarzana, CA

Engineered by *David Thoener and Ken Lomas

Second Engineers: Mike Plotnikoff, *Ed Korengo, *John “Geedis” Aguto

Recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada
and *A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Album Production Coordinator: Debra Shallman

Mastered by Greg Fulginiti at Masterdisk, NYC

Mastering Supervisor: David Donnelly


The Margarita Horns –
Tom Keenlyside: Saxophone
Bob Rogers: Trombone
Ian Putz: Baritone Sax
Paul Baron: Trumpet
Bruce Fairbairn: Trumpet

John Webster: Keyboards and Programming
Richie Supa: Keyboards on “Amazing”
Don Henley: Background Vocals on “Amazing”
Desmond Child: Keyboards on “Crazy”
Lenny Kravitz: “Come On Joe” on “Line Up”
Steven Tyler: Additional Percussion

Polynesian Log Drums by Mapuhi T. Tekurio, Melvin Liufau, Wesey Mamea, Liainaiala Tagaloa, Sandy Kanaeholo, Aladd Alatina Teofilo, Jr.  Arranged by S. Tyler.

Management by Collins Management Inc. – Tim Collins, Keith Garde
Collins Management Staff: Rob Falk, Susan Abt, Tim McGrath, Cyndi Sawyer, John Bionelli, Susanne Listro, Julie Duffy

Business Manager: Burt Goldstein, Burton Goldstein and Company

Booking Agent: Dan Weiner, Monterey Peninsula Artists

Merchandising: Peter Lubin for Giant Merchandising

Aerosmith Tour Staff –
Tour Manager Extraordinaire: Bob Dowd, A.T.A.B.
Drum Tech: Andy Gilman (The Prince of Methuen)
Production Manager: Jerry Gilleland
Guitars: Jim “Bubba” Survis and Frank Felder
Additional Guitar Tech Services: Danny Murphy
Live Sax, Keyboards and Background Vocals: Thom Gimbel
Pre-Production Engineer: Tony Lentini

This album was recorded on 3M 996 tape

Cover Design: Hugh Syme
Mr. Humble (Pinhead) Assemblage and Photo: Ed Colver
Band Photo: William Hames
Gripping Couple: Alison Dyer
Art Direction: Michael Golob

Thanks to Les Arnold, The Audio Doctor, Bob Barbonus, Peter Baron, George Barrett, Daniel Batal, Norman Beil, Lee Belardo, Bill Bennett, Chris Bennett, Rick Benson, David Bernstein, Brian Birmingham, Danna Black, Zach Blackstone, Jack Blades, Jim Boddenheimer, Fred Bohlander, Craig Bollgood, Jack Boyle, Bob Bradshaw, John Branca, Bryn Bridenthal, Larry Brooks, Mike Brown, Mel Bucholtz – Visuals, George Cappellini, The Caron Foundation, Chris Cavalieri, Desmond Child, Warren Christensen, Chromehearts, Richard Cocco, Mitch Colby, Mike Connolley, Courtien Studio, Brian Coviello, Lou Cox, Larry Dalton, Fred Danner, John DeChristopher, Laura Delia, Donna Dietz, Andy Dietz, Peter Dillon, Gia Donati, Drum Workshop, Henry Duarté, Karen Dusenberry, Ty Essegian, Michael Fasanella, Richie Fliegler, Steve Freeland, Herb Friedman, Gary Gardner, Roger Giffin, Bob Ginn, Anthony Giordano, Rhian Gittens, Chris Gleason, Paul Goldman, Michael Golob, John Good, Mike Greely, Rich Guberti, Staci Gura, Gypsy, Phil Hannigan, Mark Harvey, Jesse Henderson, Mike Hiland, Jim Hoskins, Mark Hudson, Bill Hultberg, Terry Hunt, Carol Hutchinson, Mike Idhe, Paul Iverson, Tracey Jett, David Johnston, Craig Jones, Michael Kamen, Gene Kirkland, Henry Kloss, Father Tom Kopp, Lenny Kravitz, Rich Krueger, Jerry Kulikowski, David Leavitt, Steve Leavitt, Don Lombardi, Longview Farms, Doug MacCormack, Rod MacSween, Patti and Brent Magnano, Dean Maher, Curt Mangan, Steve Maples, Peter Martinez, Steve Massarsky, Rick Mastin, Barbara McDonough, Bill McIntosh, Jim McNeil, Tim McQuaid, Len McRae, Andre Michaud, Bonnie Milner, Bill Mobley, Ron Moreno, Jeff Morley, Frank Morris, Billy Murray, Gary Myerberg, Pat Naderhoff, Karen Neapolitan, Norman’s Rare Guitars, Richard Ocean, Alan Oreman, Mark Parenteau, Vinnie Parla, Parson’s Audio, Mike Perez, Mary Perry, Ellie Peters, Gibb Phenagar, David Porter, Bill Pye, Biaj Quick, Michael Reese, Brenda Reeves, Taylor Rhodes, Rock-It Cargo, Peter Rodgers, Jeff Rogers and guys, Marcee Rondan, Tammy Rose, Ed Rosenblatt, Jonathan Ross, Phil Salmon, Mark Sampson, Richard Sannett, Maxanne Sartori (for playing our first record), Wendy Schaeffer, Jim Schaffer, Paula Shaper, Mitch Schneider, Tommy Shaw, Gregg Sheehan, Ed Sheridan, Howard Siegel, Martin Silfin, Neil Skinn, Robin Sloane, Robert Smith, Nancy Sobel, Rick St. Pierre, Ellen Stafford, Mark Summers, Ray Tabano, Steve Tate, Mitch Tenzer, Tracey Thompson, Bob Timmins, Andy Topeka, John Tuohy, Jim Vallance, Bob Vanson, Jim Varno, Mark Vartabedian, Ennio Verderese, John Vrtacic, Gordon Wall, Guy Wallace, Kevin Walsh, David Waters, Julie Wentz, Chris Weurfl, Pat White, Lorrenzo White, Dave Wiederman, Gary Willis, Mark Wittenberg, Frank Wolf, Dottie Wulf, Shelly Yakus, Zyldjian Cymbals and Drum Sticks.

A very special thanks to our families: Teresa, Mia, Liv, Chelsea, Taj Monroe, Vic, Sue, Lynda and Lisa Barrick; Billie, Aaron, Adrian, Tony, Roman and Sharon Mayo; Karen, Zachary and Graham; Terry and Julian; April, Jesse, Sky, Asia, Ralph and Florence.

The Boneyard Studios would like to thank Dave Frangione, Glenn McCarthy, Michael Blackmore, Jared Barber.
And special thanks to Billie for all the great dinners.

For the Gargoyle Studio, thanks Joey.

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