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Columbia Records
CK 57363


1. Back In The Saddle (4:39)
(S. Tyler-J. Perry)

2. Last Child (3:27)
(S. Tyler-B. Whitford)

3. Rats In The Cellar (4:06)
(S. Tyler-J. Perry)

4. Combination (3:39)
(J. Perry)

5. Sick As A Dog (4:12)
(S. Tyler-T. Hamilton)

6. Nobody’s Fault (4:25)
(S. Tyler-B. Whitford)

7. Get The Lead Out (3:42)
(S. Tyler-J. Perry)

8. Lick And A Promise (3:05)
(S. Tyler-J. Perry)

9. Home Tonight (3:16)
(S. Tyler)

All songs published by Daksel Music Corp., Vindaloo Productions and Song And Dance Music Company (BMI)

All songs arranged by Aerosmith and Jack Douglas


TOM HAMILTON: Electric Bass, Guitar on “Sick As A Dog”
JOEY KRAMER: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals on “Home Tonight”
JOE PERRY: Guitars, Vocals, Six-String Bass on “Back In The Saddle,” Lap Steel Guitar on “Home Tonight,” Electric Bass on “Sick As A Dog”
STEVEN TYLER: Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Bass on “Sick As A Dog”

Additional Player:
PAUL PRESTOPINO: Banjo on “Last Child”

Produced by Jack Douglas and Aerosmith for Contemporary Communications Corp. and Waterfront Productions Ltd.

Engineering: Jay Messina
Assisted by Rod O’Brien and Sam Ginsberg

Record Plant Remote arranged by David Hewitt

Recorded at The Wherehouse, Waltham, Mass. and at The Record Plant, NYC

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC

Direction: David Krebs and Steven Leber for Leber-Krebs, Inc.

Road Staff – Tour Director: Bob Kelleher (Kelly)
Associate Tour Director: Mel Baister
Road Crew: Nick Spiegel, Henry Smith

Album cover design: Pacific Eye And Ear
Front cover photo: Scott Enyart
Photos: Tom Hamilton / Brad Whitford / Fin Costello / Ron Pownall / Carol Kelleher / Pat Schenning / Phil Aquilino

Dedicated to the memories of Anthony D. Perry and Herb Spar.

For free Aerosmith Fan Club information, send a large, self-addressed stamped envelope to: Aero Force One, P.O. Box 882494, San Francisco, CA 94188

Package Design: Lisa Sparagno / Ken Fredette
Still Life Photography: Jimmy Ienner, Jr.
Still Life Collage Design: Lisa Lambert
Art Supervision: Joel Zimmerman

Project Direction / Aerosmith Catalog Marketing: James Diener
Creative Consultant: Darren S. Winston
Invaluable Project Administration: John Ingrassia

20-bit Digital Production: Don DeVito
Creative Supervision for Aerosmith: Keith Garde
Creative Supervision for C.C.C.: Steve Aprea
Digital Mastering Engineer: Vic Anesini, May 1993

20-Bit digital mastering from the original source tapes using SBM technology.

This compact disc was manufactured to meet critical quality standards. If you believe the disc has a manufacturing defect, please call our Quality Management Department at 1-800-255-7514. New Jersey residents should call 609-722-8224.

© 1976, 1993 Sony Music Entertainment Inc./ (P) 1976 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Manufactured by Columbia Records, 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-3211 “Columbia” Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. Marca Registrada. WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Columbia CK 57363

DIDP 079905

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