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Kilroy Was Here (1983)

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Styx - Kilroy Was Here
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From the 1983 Original Vinyl LP
A&M SP 3734

Produced and Arranged by Styx
Original Story and Concept by Dennis DeYoung


Mr. Roboto 5:26
(Dennis DeYoung)

Cold War 4:21
(Tommy Shaw)

Don't Let It End 4:53
(Dennis DeYoung)

High Time 4:28
(Dennis DeYoung)


Heavy Metal Poisoning 4:54
(James Young)

Just Get Through This Night 6:01
(Tommy Shaw)

Double Life
(James Young)

Haven't We Been Here Before
(Tommy Shaw)

Don't Let It End (Reprise) 2:22
(Dennis DeYoung)

All songs published by Stygian Songs
Administered throughout the world by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

(P) 1983 A&M Records, Inc.
(C) 1983 A&M Records, Inc.
All Rights Reserved


"Kilroy was just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control..."

Dennis De Young as Kilroy
James Young as Dr. Righteous
Tommy Shaw as Jonathan Chance
Chuck Panozzo as Lt. Vanish
John Panozzo as Col. Hyde


Dr. Everett Righteous, founder and leader of the MMM, (The Majority For Musical Morality) became influential in American politics through the use of his own cable T.V. network. He spoke about the evils of rock 'n' roll music, and how it's permissive attitudes were responsible for the moral and economic decline of America. He was charismatic, entertaining, and above all, he understood the media. The MMM soon gained enough power to have rock 'n' roll banned.

is a future where Japanese manufactured robots, designed to work cheaply and endlessly, are the caretakers of society. "Mr. Roboto's" are everywhere, serving as manual labor in jobs that were once held by humans.

Dr. Righteous enforces his own morality by holding nightly rallies where crowds hurl rock 'n' roll records and electric guitars into huge bonfires...Jonathan Chance, the rebel leader of an underground movement to bring back rock 'n' roll, has made Kilroy the symbol of his cause. Meanwhile, Kilroy has spent a number of years in prison. With no hope of release, he is subjected to the humiliation of mind control via the MMM cable network. In an attempt to contact Kilroy, Jonathan jams the airwaves of the MMM network, replacing a mind control session with outlawed footage of a Kilroy concert. Inspired by Jonathan's message, Kilroy plots his escape. Late one night, he makes a daring attempt to free himself by overpowering a Roboto guard. Disguised as a Roboto Kilroy moves freely throughout the city leaving graffiti coded messages for Jonathan. Jonathan discovers the "rock code" which leads him to the old Paradise Theatre, now the site of Dr. Righteous' Museum of Rock Pathology. There he sees the last Kilroy concert mechanically depicted by Kilroy look-alike robots as the violent end of rock 'n' roll...and there, he and Kilroy meet for the first time.

Recorded and mixed at Pumpkin Studios, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Engineered by Gary Loizzo with Will Riscati and Rob Kingsland

Apprentice Engineer: Jim Popko

Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, N.Y. by Ted Jensen

Dennis DeYoung: Keyboards and Vocals
Chuck Panozzo: Bass Guitar and Bass Pedals
John Panozzo: Drums and Percussion
Tommy Shaw: Guitars, Synthesizer, Shami-Sen and Vocals
James Young: Guitars and Vocals

Hangalator Horn Section: Mark Ohlsen, Mike Halpin, Dan Barber, Mike Mossman

Sax Solos by Steve Eisen

Direction: Irving Azoff and Front Line Management
Project Direction: Jim Cahill
Road Crew: Jeff Ravitz, "Yaz" Jastrembski, Tom Reedy, Ed Stuckey, Mike Cooper, George Leemon

The Film (Kilroy Was Here) Directed by Brian Gibson
Produced by Susan Smitman
Director of Photography: Stephen Goldblatt
Set Design by Mais Ozolins

Album Art Direction: Chuck Beeson and Jeff Ayeroff
Album Photography: Jane O'Neal
Album & Styx Logo Design: Chuck Beeson
Mr. Roboto Designed by Stan Winston

Special Thanks To: Craig Fruin, Shuko, Roy & Tamako Akune, Suzanne Pettit, Johnny Skins (Per Omni Secula Seculorum), Twigs Everywhere, Leslie Libman, Mr. C.A. Babe, Howard Kaufman and Larry Soiters.

A portion of this album was recorded using Solar Genny One.

Mr. Roboto, Kilroy, Jonathan Chance, Lt. Vanish, Col. Hyde, and Dr. Righteous are trademarks and service marks of Buddies.

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