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Paradise Theatre (1980)

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Paradise Theatre

A&M Records


1. A.D. 1928

Dennis De Young

2. Rockin’ The Paradise
Dennis De Young, James Young, Tommy Shaw

3. Too Much Time On My Hands
Tommy Shaw

4. Nothing Ever Goes As Planned
Dennis De Young

5. The Best Of Times
Dennis De Young

6. Lonely People

Dennis De Young

7. She Cares

Tommy Shaw

8. Snowblind

James Young, Dennis De Young

9. Half-Penny, Two-Penny
James Young, Ray Brandle

10. A.D. 1958
Dennis De Young

11. State Street Sadie
Dennis De Young, First Time Music

All Selections © 1980 Sytgian Songs. All Rights Administered By Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP) except where indicated. Lyrics Used By Permission. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited.

The Players:
Dennis De Young – Keyboards and vocals
Chuck Panozzo – Bass guitar and bass pedals
John Panozzo – Drums and percussion
Tommy Shaw – Guitars and vocals
James Young – Guitars and vocals

Hangalator Horn Section: John Haynor, Mark Ohlsen, Bill Simpson, Mike Halpin, Dan Barber, Sax Solos by Steve Eisen
Produced and arranged by Styx

Horn arrangements by Ed Tossing.
Piano overdubs at Universal Recording.

Recorded and Mixed at Pumpkin Studios, Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Engineered by Gary Loizzo and Bob Kingsland.
Assisted by Will Rascati.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY by Ted Jensen. Management Direction: Derek Sutton.
Project Director: Jim Cahill.
Road Crew: Pat Quinn, Jeff Ravitz, Mike Sherrill, “Yaz” Jastrembski, Tom Reedy, George Leemon, Mike Cooper, Ed Stuckey.

Art Direction and Design: Chuck Beeson and Jeff Averoff.

Original Paradise Theatre concept by Dennis De Young.
Illustrations: Chris Hopkins, Willardson and White, Inc.

Photo of Tommy Shaw by Greg Murry.
Photos of Dennis DeYoung and James Young by Mark Hauser.
Photos of John Panozzo and Chuck Panozzo by John Welzenbach.

Special thanks to Johnny Skins for his understanding.


A&M Records, Inc. P.O. Box 118, Hollywood, CA 90028 © 1980 A&M Records, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (P) 1980 A&M Records, Inc. Printed In U.S.A.

[AlbumLinerNotes.com Fact: The original, vinyl album had an image lasered into the vinyl (which was supposed to stop pirating). You can see that image by clicking here.

This is the image for the "Best Of Times" vinyl single, but it's almost identical: here]

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