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Living With War

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Neil Young
Living With War



1. After The Garden

2. Living With War

3. The Restless Consumer

4. Shock and Awe

5. Families

6. Flags of Freedom

7. Let’s Impeach The President

8. Lookin’ For A Leader

9. Roger and Out

10. America The Beautiful
Arrangement by Neil Young, Silver Fiddle Music, ASCAP

Neil Young and Niko Bolas


L.A. Johnson: Co-Producer
Chad Cromwell: Drums
Rick Rosas: Bass
Tommy Bray: Trumpet
Neil Young & Darrell Brown: Vocals and choir arrangements
John Hausmann: Second Engineer
Rob Clark: Digital Engineer
John Nowland: Second Engineer at Redwood Digital
Tim Mulligan: Mastering Engineer
Larry Cragg: Guitar Tech
Will Mitchell: Digital Soundbites
Steve Genewick: Second Engineer at Capitol Records
Jim Hoyson: Third Engineer at Capitol Records
Ben Johnson: Shaky Pictures
Harry Sitam: Senior Engineer at Redwood Digital
Marcy Gensic: Production Assistant
Darrell Brown: Choir Leader, Conductor, Contractor
Rosemary Butler: Choir Conductor, Contractor
Paula Salvatore: Capitol Recording Studios
Elliot Roberts: Direction
Bonnie Levetin: Lookout Management
Redwood Digital Studios
Capitol Recording Studios


Tom Whalley, Dave Stein, Phil Costello, Bill Bentley, Peter Standish, Susan Genco, Dan Rose, Reprise Records;  Lookout Management staff, Reprise Records staff; Jon Stewart; Jonathan Demme; Tom Freston; Phil Denslow, webmaster; Phil Ochs, inspiration; Bob Dylan, inspiration; Ben Young, inspiration; Amber Young, inspiration; Zeke Young, inspiration; Gary Burden, Jenice Heo, R. Twerk & Co, cover design

Pegi Young, inspiration


100 voices (choir members):

Alan Morphew
Alejandro Venegas
Ali Handal
Alicia Morgan
Amy E. Keys
Andrea Robinson
Andrew Ampaya
Andrew Gold
April Lang
Arielle Guitar
Arnold McCuller
Bill New
Candy Chase
Carl Graves
Catte Adams
Chey Acuna
Christa Gates
Christianna N. Dicken
Christi Bauerlee
Christy Crowl
Clair Marlo
Clydene Jackson Edwards
Dan Navarro
Darlene Carnahan
Darlene Koldenhoven
Darrell Royce Brown
David Edward Joyce
David Faragher
David Lasley
David Morgan
David Neil
Deanna B. Hust-Leving
Deborah Pearl
Diane Gordon
Dina Torok
Donna Mc Daniel
Doug Probst
Ed Anthony
Ellis Hall
Eric Bradley
Ernie Halter
Faith Rivera
Felice Hernandes
Franne Golde
Gary Stockdale
Gerald White
Herb Pederson
Holly Pitrago
Jane Elizabeth Kinsey
Janice Liebhart
Jeff Fust
Jennifer Menedis
Jim Gilstrap
Jon T. Schaeffer
Julia Water/Tillman
Julie Annette Delgado
Karen Tobin
Kathleen A. Haskard
Kenneth Stacey
Laura Creamer
Linda Harmon
Lisa Jones
Lois Blaisch
Louis B. Price
Malia Mathis
Marian Sarnowski
Mark Islam
Marc Mann
Marsha Malamete
Mary Bolas
Mary Hylan-Cain
Maxine Waters-Willard
Michael Fitz
Michael L. Mishaw
Michael Rogers
Michele McCord Layboune
Moon Calhoon
Morgan Ames
Nirit H. French
Oren Waters
Patryce Harris
Pattie E. Brooks
Raya Yarbrough
Rich Guilty
Robert Martin
Robin Beth Lerner
Ronnie Sumrall
Rosemary Butler
Scott Dicken
Skip Waring
Stephen Booker
Stephen E. Bishop
Storm L. Gardner
Terra Naomi
Tim Ramirez
Todd S. Honeycutt
Tracey Lawson
Vann Johnson
Vivian Lesiak
Wendy Waldman
Windy Wagner
Elliot Rabinowitz
Bonnie Levetin
Wayne Jackson
Marcie Gensic


Lyrics Reprinted by Permission. All Rights Reserved.
All songs written by Neil Young, Silver Fiddle Music, ASCAP, except “America the Beautiful.”

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