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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement:
We Are The #1 Archive of Liner Notes In The World! 

Our mission is simple, really. We are here day and night to painstakingly transcribe details and useless info for your enjoyment.

The liner notes we present are completely, fully and faithfully transcribed from the original albums or CD's of the recordings, which were released by the record company. Every copy of the released LP/CD will, eventually, be represented here - every reissue, special edition and remaster.

While doing this, we will not change, or amend these Liner Notes from the original work, unless it's a clarification that we determine as necessary. We may include extras - notes, comments or even more useless information and trivia, as we feel necessary. We may move things around in an effort to make them a little easier to understand. All this in keeping with our policy to present the original liner notes, in their entirety.

We also believe that every album has important information. That is why you'll find albums in here with "only" songwriting, publishing and/or production credits. Again, we believe this information is crucial so we do our best to not judge an album for it's worth.

As long as the album has been officially released, it makes the cut.

We are really here to celebrate our shared musical heritage. Buried in all of these pages, you'll find the true DNA of music and culture!

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A Final Note: The work presented here is fully and completely owned by the original copyright holders, as almost always indicated, and all the rights to this work are entirely their own. 

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