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Soy Cowboy
There's no official biography for this group at All Music Guide, but this is one of my personal favorites so I'm including them.

There are very few groups that I can say were totally original, Soy Cowboy would be one of a kind. I first heard them on KCRW in Los Angeles around 1988. I believe it was on Morning Becomes Eclectic, which at that time was hosted by Tom Schnabel, and they played "Lily Pads And Rock Cod."

By strange coincidence (or grand planning on someone's part) I didn't know it but I had already met the lead vocalist (drummer, engineer, producer) for the group, Joe Romersa. Joe was an instructor at the recording school I attended at the time. It was funny to discover that I already knew him but then knew his music.

The one time I saw Soy Cowboy live, at Largo in Los Angeles, the room was electric. Their version of "Paint It Black" was stunning, the electricity in the room was palpable. I loved it (I bought this CD there and a shirt).

I don't have much information about the group itself, except for the Liner Notes for the CD (to the left) but you can visit Joe Romersa's website by clicking HERE.

You can visit Joe's biography on Wikipedia by clicking HERE.

Soy Cowboy also had a video that was made for "Lily Pads And Rock Cod" that is unbelievably great. I love it. You can find it on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Many thanks to Joe Romersa.

I urge you to some research on Soy Cowboy and especially Joe, I think you'll find that his career has been exciting and interesting.

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