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Soy Cowboy (1992)

1. Lily Pads and Rock Cod
Lyrics and Music by: Vincent Nicoletti

2. Postcards From Chieng Mai
Lyrics: Vincent Nicoletti
Music: Wade Charles XXIII, Joe Romersa

3. Paint It Black

Lyrics and Music: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Thai Lyrics: Canda Pitakul

4. Down By The River

Lyrics and Music: Vincent Nicoletti

5. Just The Way It Is

Lyrics and Music: Joe Romersa, Tim Long

6. Graceland

Lyrics and Music: Vincent Nicoletti, Joe Romersa, Tim Long

7. Warm Bright Lights
Lyrics: Vincent Nicoletti;
Music: Vincent Nicoletti, Joe Romersa
Thai Lyrics: Prinya Kusupholnand, Lila Uttasing

8. Wide Open Spaces
Lyrics and Music: Vincent Nicoletti
Thai Lyrics: Prinya Kusupholnand, Lila Uttasing

9. Back At The Grace Hotel

Lyrics and Music: Vincent Nicoletti

10. Old Cowhand From The Rio Grande
Lyrics and Music: Johnny Mercer

11. Another World
Lyrics and Music: Vincent Nicoletti
Thai Lyrics: Canda Pitakul

Soy Cowboy:

Vincent Nicoletti: Keyboards

Tim Long: Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin

Wade Charles XXIII: Electric and Acoustic Guitar

Brian Glasscock: Percussion

Prynya Kusupholnand: Vocals

Sarah Sihaman: Vocals

Lila Uttasing: Vocals

Joe Romersa: Vocals, Percussion

Additional Personnel: Tom Twiss: Percussion

Additional Vocals: Canda Pitackul, Tumi Thaopathom, Nimmy, Aree Moranon, Pat, Jad

Strings on “Another World” and “Down By The River”Arranged and Conducted by Scott Smalley

Produced by Joe Romersa and Soy Cowboy

Engineered by Joe Romersa

Recorded at: The Cottage, Fidelity Studios, RC Studio, Clearlake Audio, Salty Dog Studio, Trax, Amigo Studio

Mastered by Robert Vosgien at CMS Digital

Design © Yeryong Park

Special thanks to: Tom Schnabel, Matt Kramer, Virginia “Mumsy” Nicoletti, Tersam Dandhwar, Yeryong Park, KCRW Ken Miller, Mercy Azarcon, Shelly Weiss, Arian Morgenstern, Fidelity Studio, Salty Dog Studio, Victor @ Amigo Studio, Chris Douridas, Jim Fittipaldi, Michael Dietrich, Eden Ahbez, Edward Stone, Schlomy Katz, Bill Csellak, Molly Harper, The Boys At Search And Rescue Division Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station, Marsha Goodman, Williams Peters, Reyna, Andrew, Eric, Pam, Coral, Trevor, James Mathers, Colin Mitchell, Wat Thai of Los Angeles, Chan, John McNally, Ken Fusion and the Poorman at KROQ, Krisen Dahlane, Yolie, Karey, Mark Tabbert, Sharon Rex, Chris Nicoletti, Caruzo and Naomi Fuller, Gerry Weiner and Scott Smalley

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