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Strike Up The Band


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Strike Up The Band (1990 Studio Cast) _________________________________________________

Strike Up The Band
George and Ira Gershwin

Restored by Tommy Krasker
Conducted by John Mauceri

A Letter From Mrs. Ira Gershwin

July, 1991

How thrilling it is to sit down and enjoy this recording. Over the years I had forgotten how uniquely delightful Strike Up The Band was. This first collaboration with George S. Kaufman was a real milestone for George and Ira. I must thank Tommy Krasker for his tireless efforts in making what you are about to hear a reality. It truly is marvelous.

Yours sincerely,

Leonore Gershwin
Mrs. Ira Gershwin


The Library of Congress
Washington, D.C. 20540

This recording of Strike Up The Band continues the long association between the Gershwin family and the Library of Congress. When Ira Gershwin made his first donation of a Gershwin manuscript in 1939 – “Roll Dem Bones” from Porgy & Bess – no one could have foreseen that a splendid series of authoritative recordings would ensue. Through the generosity of Ira and Leonore Gershwin and other members of the Gershwin family, the Library of Congress has unique resources for the study and performance of the Gershwin musical legacy, resources now being used for the Leonore Gershwin – Library of Congress Recording and Publishing Project. George and Ira Gershwin’s great achievements are given new life through these recordings, and we are pleased to participate.

James H. Billington
The Librarian of Congress


George and Ira Gershwin’s / George S. Kaufman’s

Music by George Gershwin
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin
Book by George S. Kaufman


Brent Barrett
Don Chastain
Rebecca Luker
Jason Graae
Beth Fowler
Charles Goff
Juliet Lambert
Jeff Lyons
Dale Sandish
James Rocco

Vocal Director: Paul Trueblood
Orchestrations by: Russell Warner, William D. Brohn, Steven D. Bowen, William Daly, Dick Hyman, Donald Johnston, Sid Ramin and Larry Wilcox
Musical Supervisor: Steve D. Bowen
Production Supervisor: Mark Trent Goldberg
Tap Choreography and Solo Dancing by: Randy Skinner

Restored by Tommy Krasker
Conducted by John Mauceri

Cast of Characters:

Jim Townsend – Brent Barrett
Horace J. Fletcher – Don Chastain
Joan Fletcher – Rebecca Luker
Timothy Harper – Jason Graae
Mrs. Draper – Beth Fowler
Colonel Holmes – Charles Goff
Anne Draper – Juliet Lambert
Spelvin/Gideon – Jeff Lyons
Soldier – Dale Sandish
Sloane – James Rocco

Singing Chorus:

Sopranos: Colleen Clausing, Joanna Glushak, Roxann Parker, Deborah Unger
Altos: Mary Lou Barber, Joyce Nolen, Wendy-Jo Vaughn, Shelley Wald
Tenors: Mark Agnes, Jack Doyle, Stephen Lehew, Kevin Ligon
Basses: Kevin Bailey, David Barron, Don Bradford, Joe Gustern

Dancing Chorus:
Kelli Barclay, Danielle DeCrette, Trisha Gorman, Joe Istre, Jimmy Kichler, Scott Willis


Violins: Suzanne Ornstein (Concertmaster), Mineko Yajima, Mitchell Stern, Marilyn Reynolds, Martin Agee, Ann Leathers
Violas: Paul Cortese, Crystal Garner, Lois Martin, Sally Shumway
Cellos: Clay Ruede, Frederick Zlotkin
Bass: John Beal
Woodwinds: Laura Conwesser, Les Scott, Al Regni, Ralph Olsen, John Campo, Robert Ingliss
French Horns: Sharon Moe, Ronald Sell
Trumpets: John Frosk, David Gale, Peter Ecklund
Trombone: Jack Gale
Drums: John Redsecker
Percussion: Beth Ravin
Harp: Susan Jolles
Additional Musicians: John Moses (Clarinet), Seymour Red Press (alto sax), Douglas Edelman (trombone), John Taylor (euphonium), Stephen Johns (tuba), David Braynard (tuba), Benjamin Herman (percussion), Scott Kuney (banjo), Atsuko Sato (bassoon)


The Selections:

Disc One
Strike Up The Band (1927)
Act One

1. Overture (5:58)

2. Fletcher’s American Cheese Choral Society (5:25)
Timothy, Sloane, Fletcher & Chorus

3. 17 and 21 (4:11)
Timothy & Anne

4. Typical Self-Made American (3:22)
Fletcher, Jim & Yes-Men

5. Meadow Serenade (3:37)
Jim & Joan

6. Unofficial Spokesman (with dialogue) (7:05)
Fletcher, Holmes & Chorus

7. Patriotic Rally (2:27)

8. The Man I Love (6:06)
Joan & Jim

9. Yankee Doodle Rhythm (3:18)
Spelvin & Chorus

10. 17 and 21 (reprise) (1:28)
Mrs. Draper & Fletcher

11. Finaletto Act I (7:26)
Fletcher, Jim, Sloane, Holmes, Joan, Timothy & Chorus

12. Strike Up The Band (3:57)
Timothy & Chorus (dance by Randy Skinner)

Disc Two
Strike Up The Band (1927)
Act Two

1. Oh This Is Such A Lovely War (4:11)
Soldiers & Swiss Girls

2. Hoping That Someday You’d Care (2:55)
Jim & Joan

3. Come-Look-At-The-War Choral Society (0:58)
Female Chorus

4. Military Dancing Drill (2:20)
Timothy, Anne & Chorus

5. How About A Man? (2:20)
Mrs. Draper, Holmes & Fletcher

6. Finaletto Act II (4:49)
Fletcher, Jim, Sloane, Joan, Holmes, Spelvin & Chorus

7. Homeward Bound/The Girl I Love (reprise) (5:41)
Soldier & Male Chorus

8. The War That Ended War (with dialogue) (5:56)

9. Finale Ultimo (1:38)
Entire Company

Strike Up The Band (1930)

10. Interlude: Strike Up The Band (1:51)

11. I Mean To Say (3:50)
Anne & Timothy

12. Soon (2:41)
Jim & Joan

13. If I Became The President (3:14)
Mrs. Draper & Holmes

14. Hangin’ Around With You (4:32)
Anne & Timothy (danced by Randy Skinner & Kelli Barclay)

15. Mademoiselle In New Rochelle (5:16)
Holmes, Gideon & Two Swiss Girls

16. I’ve Got A Crush On You (3:49)
Timothy & Anne

Produced by John McClure and Tommy Krasker

Recorded December 13-20, 1990 at BMG Studio A, New York City.
Engineer: Paul Goodman
Assistant engineers: Vincent Caro and Sandy Palmer
Audio assistant: Susan Presson
Production coordinator: Albert Lee
Editorial direction: Carol Yaple
Art direction and design: John William Costa
Casting by Julie Hughes and Barry Moss
Executive Producer: Robert Hurwitz
Orchestra contractor: Ronald Sell
Chorus contractor: Joe Gustern
Music preparation supervisors: Donald Oliver, Bob Holloway:
Chelsea Music Service, Inc.

Rehearsal piano provided by Baldwin

For Roxbury Recordings, Inc:
Mrs. Ira Gershwin, Chairman
Michael Strunsky, President
Tommy Krasker, Vice-President in Charge of Production
Steven D. Bowen & Evan Ross, Assistants to Mr. Krasker
Robert Kimball, Artistic Advisor
Mark Trent Goldberg, Secretary/Treasurer

For the Library of Congress:
James W. Pruett, Chief, Music Division
Elizabeth H. Auman, Advisor


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Page 24: Edward Jablonski collection; photo by Harold Arlen
Page 28: Anne Kaufman Schneider
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