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Walt Disney's Bambi


Walt Disney’s 
The Story of Bambi

Disneyland Records
ST 3903


The Story – The Songs – The Music
Plus an 11 page book of full color illustrations

The complete story, all the songs and the music, plus a full color illustrated book especially prepared for children by the Walt Disney Studio.

Side One: 

1. Love Is A Song

Chorus and Orchestra

2. Little April Shower
Chorus and Orchestra

Side Two:

1. Let’s Sing A Gay Little Spring Song

Chorus and Orchestra

2. I Bring You A Song
Chorus and Orchestra

3. Love Is A Song
Chorus and Orchestra

The Story

Bambi thinks the butterfly that greets him is quite the loveliest thing he’s ever seen.

The little fawn is sure all the daisies are butterflies too because they’re yellow, until Thumper tells him they’re flowers.

When bright black eyes emerge from the flowers, Bambi calls the little animal “Flower.” “What a beautiful name for me,” sighs the small skunk. “It fits me perfectly.”

“He’s not a flower,” Thumper blurts out. “He’s a skunk.”

Bambi thinks the little droplets coming from the sky are a thing of wonder.

At Thumper’s urging, Bambi tries to walk on the ice, but his front legs shoot forward and his rear legs slip back.

Mother shows Bambi how to strip bark during the winter when the snow covers all the other animal food.

Winter brings continual surprises for Bambi. Flower goes into hibernation so he can sleep all through the long cold winter.

Bambi meets the beautiful little doe named Faline, who looks like his mother but is so much smaller. “Come and play, Bambi,” Faline says, dancing toward him.

As mother and Bambi play a peaceful pond, mother gets the unmistaken scent of MAN and they hear a deafening roar of MAN’s gun.

Bambi loses his mother and is filled with terror as he plunges on through the woods.

With fear and suffering in his eyes, Bambi listens to the old stag. “Your mother can’t be with you anymore,” the stag says. “Now you must learn to walk alone.”

Springs comes again to the forest and all the animals and birds awaken to a new life. Bambi is especially happy with his favorite friend, Faline.

As a fire in the forest is started by a careless MAN, the animals dash to safety with the crackling roar of flames close behind.

It seems to Bambi as if all the animals, large and small, are completely encircled by the leaping flames. Bambi leads the animals to an island in the middle of the river, and all are saved, even as they watch the flaming forest around them.

Another spring comes to a wonderful world, and Bambi has full-grown antlers. On the hill he is a mighty figure, strong and proud – the great Prince of the Forest.

… And the forest is happy again.

Copyright 1960 Walt Disney Productions, Printed in U.S.A.

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