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Zombie Heaven

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Zombie Heaven
The Zombies


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Hung Up On A Dream - A Zombie History
What The Zombies Bestoyed To Pop

These Will Be Our Years: A Zombies Chronology
1961 - 1965
1966 - 1968

The Songs: Disc One
Begin Here & Singles

The Songs: Disc Two
Odessey & Oracle and The Lost Album

The Songs: Disc Three
In The Studio Rare & Unissued

The Songs: Disc Four
Live On The BBC

Discography 1964 - 1969
Alphabetical Tracklist By Title

If you weren’t fortunate enough to hear this music when it first appeared in the mid-60s, you will never know the extremes of its magic. I remember “She’s Not There” coming over the family radio one cold morning and it completely putting a spell on me and my unsuspecting brother. As we dressed for school, the DJ said it was by the Zombies and I thought, “Of course, it sounds like the Zombies”. I don’t know what my brother thought.

Their music was ethereal, with a groove from somewhere else, with a voice of rough velvet. There was jazz, R&B, even country at times. It was great harmonies, ultra cool bass playing, with every beat in the right place.

I remember seeing them “live” in 1965. A raccoon tail hung from the bass player’s guitar strap and Rod Argent did a solo on “Summertime” that was miles above my 14 year-old head, but I knew something great was happening up there. I think even then I was impressed they would make such an offering to this hit-oriented juvenile crowd. If a group like the Zombies appeared now, they would own the world.

So if you missed it then, you can revel in some truly great music now, plus you can groove on being a lot younger than me, but I wouldn’t trade places, ‘cause I dug it then and now.

More than anything the Zombies were and are cool.

Tom Petty



Compiled and Produced by ALEC PALAO

Annotated/Sleeve Notes by Alec Palao

Archive research by Alec Palao and Roger Armstrong Co-ordination by Roger Armstrong and Carol Fawcett

Project assistance: Carole Broughton, Bill Inglot, Andrew Sandoval, Ken Barnes, Stephen Braitman, Keith Badman, Geoffrey Weiss

Thanks to Gus Dudgeon, Al Gallico, Andy Nye, Terry Quirk, Jim Rodford, Peter Vince, Tom Petty, Mary Klauzer, Lenny Kaye, Phil Smee and Paul Conboy

Digitally transferred from original analogue master tapes
Transfers by Nick Robbins (2 track) and Rob Keyloch (4 & 8 track)
Additional editing by Wally Sound and Steve Vernon/Signal SF
Post Production by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering Ltd

Package designed by Philip Lloyd-Smee at Waldo's Design & Dream Emporium Reproduction: Keith Phillips at Advance

Memorabilia and photographs courtesy of Hugh Grundy, Chris White, Paul Atkinson, Alec Palao, Phil Smee & the Strange Things Archive, Adrian Croasdell, Andrew Sandoval, Rob Finnis and the Ace Records Collection.

Photographs courtesy of Michael Ochs Archives,Venice, CA; Rex Features Ltd; Pictorial Press
Front cover photograph by Dezo Hoffman courtesy of Rex Features Ltd


If you'd like updates on Rod Argent's current activities visit his website at www.rodargent.co.uk

The copyrights in these sound recordings are owned by Marquis Enterprises Ltd except for tracks 1-28 inclusive on disc 4 which are owned by the BBC and are licensed to Ace Records Ltd

® Marquis Enterprises except Disc 4 tracks 1-28 inclusive ® BBC released by arrangement with BBC Worldwide Music

This compilation ® 1997 Ace Records Ltd

© 1997 Ace Records Ltd

Big Beat Records, an imprint of ACE Records, 42-50 Steele Road, London NWlO 7AS

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