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Summer In Paradise
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Brother Entertainment – BBR 727-2

1. Hot Fun In The Summertime 3:28
(Sylvester Stewart)
© 1969 Mijac Music Administered by Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)

2. Surfin’ 3:44
(Brian Wilson/Mike Love)
© 1961 Guild Music Company (BMI)

3. Summer Of Love 2:50
(Mike Love/Terry Melcher)
© 1992 Clairaudient/Daywin Music Inc. (BMI)

4. Island Fever 3:26
(Terry Melcher/Mike Love)
© 1992 Daywin Music Inc./Clairaudient (BMI)

5. Still Surfin’ 4:02
(Mike Love/Terry Melcher)
© 1992 Clairaudient/Daywin Music Inc. (BMI)

6. Slow Summer Dancin’ (One Summer Night) 3:23 (Bruce Johnston/Danny Webb)
© 1992 Bruce Johnston Publishing (Administered by Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI) & PSO Limited (ASCAP)

7. Strange Things Happen 4:43
(Terry Melcher/Mike Love)
© 1992 Daywin Music, Inc./Clairaudient (BMI)

8. Remember “Walking In The Sand”
(George Morton)
© 1964 EMI Unart Catalog, Inc./Tender Tunes/Trio Music Co. Inc.,/Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. (BMI)

9. Lahaina Aloha
(Terry Melcher/Mike Love)
© 1992 Daywin Music, Inc./Clairaudient (BMI)

10. Under The Boardwalk 4:06
(Arthur Resnick/Kenny Young/Mike Love)
© 1964 Alley Music Corp/Trio Music Co. Inc. (BMI)

11. Summer In Paradise 3:51
(Mike Love/Terry Melcher/Craig Fall)
© 1992 Clairaudient/Daywin Music, Inc. (BMI)

12. Forever* 3:03
(Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson)
Vocals: John Stamos and The Beach Boys
© 1970 Daywin Music, Inc., Administered by Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI) & Brother Publishing Co.

Produced by Terry Melcher
*Produced by John Stamos/Gary Griffin/Lanny Cordola

Engineered and Mixed by Keith Wechsler

Executive in Charge of Production for Brother Entertainment: Mike Love

Second Engineer: Richard D. Titus

*Engineered by Kevin Elson Mike Mierua

This album was recorded and mixed while Beta Testing: Digidesign Pro Tools Sixteen Track on an Apple Macintosh Quadra 900, using Elteron Hard Drives.

Recorded at Surfman Location Studios/Melcher Studios Carmel, CA and Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Mastered at: Northeast Digital in Southborough, MA


Mike Love
Carl Wilson
Al Jardine
Bruce Johnston

Additional Background Vocals:

Terry Melcher
Adrian Baker


Terry Melcher
Bruce Johnston
Keith Wechsler

Electric, Acoustics, Mandolins and Key Bass: Craig Fall

Sammy Merendino
Keith Wechsler on “Island Fever” and “Still Surfin’”

Bass: Rod Clark

Accordions and Additional Keyboards:
Van Dyke Parks

Additional Electric and Acoustic Guitars:
Danny Kortchmar

Saxophones: Joel Peskin
Pedal Steel Guitar: John Weston
Congas: Sal Murullo on “Island Fever”
Keyboard Programming:
Keith Wechsler
Richard D. Titus

Album Artwork: Robert Lyn Nelson

Image Titles:
Ring of Life (Inside Cover)
Elements of the Universe (Outside Cover)
Embraced by the Sea (Inside Panels)
Amethyst Dawn at Kipuhulu (Inside Pocket)

Robert Lyn Nelson Studios, P.O. Box 10821, Lahaina, HI 96761, 808-669-2000

Art Direction and Design:
Spencer Drate
Jutka Salavetz

Additional Design:
Dean O. Torrence
Surf City Visual Arts Company

John Stamos courtesy of Lorimar Productions, Inc.

The Beach Boys would like to thank the following people: Jacqueline Carlin Melcher for her gracious hospitality during this production, Adam Jardine for singing with us on the track “Summer In Paradise” Stan Askevich, Lisa and Terry Johnston, at the future now, Jim Wirt at 4th Street Recording Studios in Santa Monica. Thank you to Bill Lorentzen at Power Sound in Clearwater, Fl.

Everyone at Castle Music in Santa Barbara. Sig Knapsted, Chris Block, Chris Now and everyone at Digidesign for all their suppo
rt and assistance.

Mercenary Audio in Waltham, MA

In addition we would like to thank the following individuals for their time and assistance, Wes Dooley, Scott Hassen, Paul De Benedictis

More Special Thanks go to Elliott Lott, Matt Sheppard, Chaz Vost, Joel Gast, Maria Brunner, Rick Fowler, Eric Paulson, Urlani Nelson, and Randy Kabrich for “Kokomo.”

Thanks to Charles Chrietzberg and Debbie Encinitas at Monterey County Bank. We would also like to thank the people at Jeffrey’s Grill and Katie’s Cottage. For Lodging and accommodations, special thanks to the Cypress Inn and all of their patient staff. Thanks as well to the Beach Plum Inn, Martha’s Vineyard. Dennis Hartman at American Pie Records in Santa Barbara, Mike Monte at Amtrak in Santa Monica.

The producer and the Beach Boys would like to thank Ron Alexenburg for his support, enthusiasm and putting together a great team.

The promotion quarterback would like to thank his team: Shelia Chlanda, Mike Martucci, Joanie Lawrence, Donna Brake, Jon Konjoyan, Tony Richland, Jeff McClusky and his associates. “See ya at the party!”

For more information on The Beach Boys send S.A.S.E. to BBFC P.O. Box 84282, Los Angeles, CA 90073

For information on how to obtain a reproduction of the album artwork suitable for framing, send a SASE to Paradise, P.O. Box 790, Bonsal, CA 92003


The summer of ’91 found Terry and I literally walking in the sand on Martha’s Vineyard, discussing ideas that would ultimately result in creating this album, seeing all the people on the beach taking full advantage of the sun, sand and surf. We couldn’t help but observe that this was truly Summer In Paradise. We then set out to design an album that would be the quintessential soundtrack of summer, and we recorded over the past year on the Pacific Coast at Carmel.

Hot Fun In The Summertime, Under The Boardwalk and Walkin’ In The Sand are the very essence of the sound of summer. Highlighted by Carl’s awesome vocals. It feels good to be able to do some of our favorite songs of a bygone era, that we hope are some of your favorites.

We wondered what the Beach Boys first song (Surfin’) would sound like had we started out in the ‘90s instead of the 60s. The result was the new version of Surfin’. It really is incredible to hear your first song recorded in a new musical context 30 years later. Summer Of Love, in a mid-60s Beach Boys style, is light and fun – totally for the young.

We have included Island Fever, Lahaina Aloha, Surfin’ and Still Surfin’, which complement the songs of summer, with their year-round tropical themes. Island Fever (The Cousin of Kokomo) deals whimsically with the eternal topic of tropical wanderlust. While Lahaina Aloha deals with a bit more of an adult island encounter. Still Surfin’ has a musical quality. We hope it captures, for listeners young and old, the spirit and feelings that have always been and will always be, part of Surfin’.

For romantics, where would a summer night be without some Slow Summer Dancin’. This one, an artful merger of the classic One Summer Night might make you feel lost in the 60s. Alan carries the lead in the chorus, with original verses written and performed by Bruce.

We’d like to thank John Stamos for contributing his energy and talents to the Beach Boys concerts year after year. Long time Beach Boys aficionados as well as John’s multitude of fans are certain to appreciate his contribution to his album, the song Forever, written by Dennis Wilson.

Strange Things Happen could be about the daughter of a flower-child of the 60s – caring and conscious, this new-age lady’s heart and mind give her an added dimension of depth and desirability. I take the lead in the verse, with Alan’s crystal clear delivery highlighting the chorus, the Beach Boys trip to Rio De Janeiro during the Earth Summit gave rise to the lyric in the last verse.

That brings us to the title song of the album – Summer In Paradise, we hope that as the lyrics to the song say, people will get together and make things right. But if they don’t, what do we have got look forward to? The destruction and burning of the world’s tropical rain forests, and the increasing use of fossil fuels and CFCs are most certain to lead to global warming, without the ozone layer, the sun’s rays, instead of being the blessing we’ve always held them to be, will become increasingly lethal. As a result, most of our favorite beaches may disappear, but maybe there’s an up-side to apathy after all, there will be a whole new coastline with new surfin’ spots opening up all across the nation and around the world. The temperature meanwhile will hit some all-time highs – a veritable endless summer 365 days a year. We can try to make light of it, but these issues are far too important to ignore, we all share a responsibility to create a safe and secure environment wherein all life can thrive.

We include this poster in the album as our gift to you. We hope it inspires a greater sense of appreciation of our planet’s fragile beauty and diversity of life.

Our gratitude and appreciation goes to Robert Lyn Nelson for the masterful original painting for “Summer In Paradise.” Which says more eloquently than any written word just how precious and in need of protection our environment truly is. If we all get together (just perhaps) we can make things right and bring back summer. – Summer In Paradise.

Mike Love.

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