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The Byrds - Untitled
Columbia CGK 30127

1. Lover Of The Bayou
(R. McGuinn / J. Levy)

2. Positively 4th Street
(B. Dylan)

3. Nashville West
(G. Parsons / C. White)

4. So You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
(R. McGuinn / C. Hillman)

5. Mr. Tambourine Man
(B. Dylan)

6. Mr. Spaceman
(R. McGuinn)

7. Eight Miles High
(R. McGuinn / D. Crosby / G. Clark)

8. Chestnut Mare
(R. McGuinn / J. Levy)

9. Truck Stop Girl
(L. George / B. Payne)

10. All The Things
(R. McGuinn / J. Levy)

11. Yesterday’s Train
(G. Parsons / S. Battin)

12. Hungry Planet
(S. Battin / K. Fowley / R. McGuinn)

13. Just A Season
(R. McGuinn / J. Levy)

14. Take A Whiff On Me
(H. Ledbetter / J. Lomax / A. Lomax)

15. You All Look Alike
(S. Battin / K. Fowley)

16. Well Come Back Home
(S. Battin)

An Equinox Production by Terry Melcher
Produced by Terry Melcher and Jim Dickson
Engineering: Chris Hinshaw

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