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12 Memories (2003)

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12 Memories

EK 90672


1. Quicksand

2. The Beautiful Occupation

3. Re-Offender

4. Peace The Fuck Out

5. How Many Hearts

6. Paperclips

7. Somewhere Else

8. Love Will Come Through

9. Mid-Life Krysis

10. Happy To Hang Around

11. Walking Down The Hill

12. Some Sad Song (Hidden Track)

All tracks written by F. Healy.

All tracks produced by Travis and Steve Orchard with additional production by Tchad Blake, except tracks 4, 7 and 8, produced by Travis and Tchad Blake.

Engineer Steve Orchard

Recorded at Crear in Scotland and at Realworld Studios in Bath.

Assistant Engineer at Realworld: Claire Lewis

All tracks mixed by Tchad Blake at Realworld Studios. Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway.

A&R: Andy Macdonald

String Arrangement on Re-Offender by Joby Talbot.
Strings performed by Millennia Strings: Joby Talbot (Conductor), Lucy Shaw (Double Bass), Chris Worsey, Zoe Martlew and Ian Burdge (Cellos), James Pullman, Joel Hunter, Keiad Chibah & Adrian Smith (Violas), Marcus Barcham-Stevens, Ralph Broadbent, Darragh Morgan, Ruth Williams, Thomas Bowes, Richard George, Gillion Cameron, Natalia Bonner, Stephen Hussey, Catherine Browning and Jenny Sacha (Violins). Strings recorded at Air Studios.

Cello on Quicksand by Sarah Willson.

Backing vocals on Mid-Life Krysis by Susie Hug. Walking Down The Hill - purring by Amby. Paperclips: Additional vocals by Red Dog. Voices at the end of Peace The Fuck Out supplied by the supporters of Celtic Football Club and Fulham G.C. supporters. THANKS.

All tracks copyright 2003 Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK Ltd. All rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, 8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

Fran thanks:

Mum, Nora, Renee and Amby.

Dougie thanks:

All my love alwyas to Kelly Mac, Mum, Dad and all the family. Drinks and thanks to The Gaz, DG in G3, Ads, Garth, Ced and of course The Family Swan.

Neil thanks:

Esther, Lola and Isla all my love and thanks for last year and alos Mum, Dad and all the family. For friendship; Robert, Richard, Phil and Adele. Gavin at Yamaha, Jerome at Sabian and Craig at Aquarian thank you again. And finally, thanks to Kenny, David and Steph - my oldest friends.

Andy thanks:

Thank you to my beautiful wife for her continuing love and support (and for saying yes), to my loving family Mum, Dad and Graham for always being there for me, to Ann and Lol for making me one of the family, to Jack for making me smile and to Jamie for the Camden lunches.

Thanks you's:

Andy Macdonald, Steve Orchard, Tchad Blake, Ian McAndrews, Colin Lester, Vicky Bruce, Tara Hill and all @ Wildlife Entertainment, Mark Richardson, Anthony McGee, Nina Frykberg, Neville Acaster and all @ Independiente. Charlie Pinder and all @ Sony Music/ATV. Anton Brookes, Paddy Davis and John Yates @ Bad Moon. Billy MacLeod, Pete Black, Laura Gilchrist and all @ The Partnership. Steve Tandy, Janice MacGregor and all @ Intermedia. All @ Anglo Plugging. Anton Corbyn, Michael Grant and Elliott Atkins. Nigel Godrich, Jason Falkner, Jeremy Procter, Adam Buxton, Susie Hug and Adam Seymour, Ben, Christine and Ella Stiller. DADA. Billy, Pamela and the Connelly Clan. Chris and Belinda Colmean. Emily Eavis. Nic Harcourt. Jim and Ingrid. Jude Maclaverty. Gerry Kelly. Vera Pfeiffer. Richard Norris. Mark Tappin and all @ Blue Source. Adam Wakeman, Peter Hillier, Giles Woodhead, Jonny McAuley, Nick Freemantle, Adey Wilson, Matt Jensen, Vince Foster, Joh 'LJ' Evans, Phil Murphy and Scott Sanderson. Mark Chung Torsten Luth, Erin Dineen and all @ SINE. Melvyn Taub, Don Ienner, Polly Anthony, Michael Anthony, David Massey, Steve Barnett, Piero Giramonti, Joel Klaiman, Jacqueline Saturn, Kathy Reilly and all @ Epic U.S. Chris Parkes and Ross Laing @ MFL. Peter Nash @ Helter Skelter. John Dittmar @ Pinnacle. Simon Esplen @ Russells. Richard Rosenberg, Steve Jeffery, Sarah Livermore and all @ SRLV. Amy Fitzgerald @ PFM. Simon Moran, Chris Yorke and all @ SJM. All @ DF Concerts and Regular Music. Kate, Mags and Bimble @ Crear. Claire Lewis and all @ Realworld Studios.

Travis wish to thank:
Yamaha, Sabian, Orange Amplifications, Gibson, Ernie Ball Strings, Fender and Capital Sound Hire Ltd.

A&R Co-ordination: Lesley Scott

Management: Ian McAndrew and Colin Lester for Wildlife Entertainment Ltd., London.

Thank you to Richard Kimble for the inspiration to the title P.T.F.O.

Photography: Anton Corbyn

Design: Travis/Blue Source


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