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The Invisible Band (2001)


The Invisible Band

EK 85797


1. Sing (for Nora)

2. Dear Diary

3. Side

4. Pipe Dreams

5. Flowers In The Window (for Nora)

6. The Cage (for Cinjun)

7. Safe

8. Follow The Light

9. Last Train

10. Afterglow

11. Indefinitely

12. The Humpty Dumpty Love Song (for Ringan)


All tracks written by F. Healy. 
All tracks produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich. 
All tracks recorded at Oceanway Studios (L.A.) Except track 04, recorded at Air Studios, London. Tracks 05/12 recorded at Oceanway Studios (L.A.) and Air Studios, London. 

All tracks mixed at Oceanway Studios, (L.A.). 
Assistant Engineer at Ocean Way - Darrell Thorp. 
Assistant Engineer at Air Studios - Jon Bailey. 

Mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering (L.A.), 

Keyboards on "Last Train" by Jason Falkner, 
Strings on tracks 01/11/12 by Millennia Strings. Arranged by Joby Talbot. 
Strings on tracks 11/12 engineered by Steve Orchard at Air Studios. 

Fran thanks: Mum and Nora

Dougie thanks: All my love to Kelly Mac, my Mum and Dad and all the family

Neil thanks: Lots 'o' love to Esther, Lovely Lola, Mum and Dad and all the Primroses and Curtis Family, Jeremy, Kate and Patrick, Kenny and Claire, David Campbell, and many thanks to Gavin Thomas and Jerome Marcus.

Andy thanks: Jo Monaghan (For the love you bring) and as always Mum, Dad and Graham Dunlop.

Thank you's: Andy McDonald, Nigel Godrich, Ian McAndrew, Colin Lester, Hayley, Sarah and all @ Wildlife Entertainment. Anthony McGee, Mark Richardson and all @ Independiente. Anton Brookes, Paddy, John @ Bad Moon, Dylan, Garry, Nathalie, Roland, Jay, Clare, Jenni and all @ Anglo Plugging. Mark Tappin and all @ Blue Source, Stefan Ruiz and the Ruiz Family, Robin Dean. Jonothan Dayton and Valerie Faris. Sasha Baron Cohen (aye), Jeremy Proctor, Pete Hillier, Giles Woodhead, Johnny, Nick, Adey Wilson, Mike Stewart, Chris Leckie, Deptford John, Matt Jensen. Charlie and Helen Pinder, Paul Burger, Torsten, Melvyn Taub the Great and all @ Sony Europe. David Glew, Paulie Anthony, Michelle Anthony, Randy Irwin (laaaaast laaughhh), David Massey, Steve Barnett, Bill Frolich, Kathy Reilly, Mike Tierney, Gayle Miller, Jacqueline Saturn, Evan Prager, Hillary Shaev and her fine team, Joel Klaiman, Lisa Markowitz, Doug McVehil, Vivian Piazza, Susanne Cerha, Ben (is it...) Dietz, and all @ Epic Records U.S.

The Tenacious D, Remy Zero, Jack, Joseph Puig, Jason Falkner, Oasis, Seminal, Gary Rough, Craig David, Erika Strada, and Karen Glauber. Wolfgang Doebeling, Mark and Lard, Simon Mayo, Steve Lamacq, and Jo Whiley, Richard Park, Geoff and Chris and the Martyn Family. Adam Seymour and Suzie Hugg, Adam Buckston, Ringan Ledwige, Tria Catz, Peter Nash, Chris Parkes, Ross Laing, John Ditmar, and all at Pinnacle. Craig McClean, Michael Grant, Elliott Atkins, Jude and the MacLaverty Family. Aaron Withey, Carol Crabtree, Simon Esplen, Richard Rosenberg, Steve Jeffrey, Amy Fitzgerald, and Sarah Livermore. Nic Harcourt and all @ KCRW. Darrell Thorp, Steve Orchard, Jon Bailey, and all @ Air Studios. Kelly and all @ Ocean Way Studios. The people of Glascow.

Special Special thanks: Andy Mac we love you. Ian and Colin for caring. Pete for preparing our nappies. And Nigel for being there.

And to you for getting this record. These songs belong to you now.


Art direction by Blue Source.
Photography by Stefan Ruiz


This album is dedicated to Connie Brookes and Florentin Sianga Moshi.

Management: Ian McAndrew and Colin Luster for Wildlife Entertainment, Ltd., London

Travis wish to thank Yamaha, Sabien, Orange Amplification, Gibson, Ernie Ball Strings, Roland (UK), and Fender.

All songs copyright 2001 Sony/ATV Music. Publishing U.K. Ltd. All rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing/8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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