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The Man Who (1999)


The Man Who

EK 62151

1. Writing To Reach You

2. The Fear

3. As You Are

4. Driftwood

5. The Last Laugh Of The Laughter

6. Turn

7. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

8. Luv

(Fran Healy/Adam Seymour)

9. She's So Strange

10. Slide Show

This album is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick and Shirley.

All tracks written by Fran Healy except as indicated.

Copyright 1999 Sony Music Publishing UK Ltd. All rights admin. by Sony/ATV Songs, LLC. 8 Music Square West, Nashville, TN 37203. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Track 1 recorded at Rak Studios September '98. Mixed at Whitfield Street. Produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich for Solar Management.

Tracks 2 (The Fear), 5 (The Last Laugh Of The Laughter), and 10 (Slide Show) produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich at Rak Studios.

Tracks 2 (The Fear), and 10 (Slide Show) strings arranged by Sally Herbert.

Tracks 3 (As You Are), and 8 (Luv) produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich at Mayfair Studios. Engineered by Gerard Navarro.

Track 4 (Driftwood) produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich. Recorded at Rak Studios, November '98. Mixed at Mayfair Studios in January '99.

Track 6 (Turn), 7 (Why Does It Always Rain On Me?), and 9 (She's So Strange) produced by Mike Hedges, co-produced by Ian Grimble at Chaeau de la Rouge Motte and Abbey Road. Track 6 (Turn) mixed by Nigel Godrich at Strongroom Studios.

Track 7 (Why Does It Always Rain On Me?) and Track 9 (She's So Strange) mixed by Nigel Godrich at Mayfair Studios. Track 7 Cello by Sarah Wilson

Fran would like to thank: Mum and Nora, Dougie would like to thank..Mum, Dad and all the family. And Jus.

Andy would like to thank again..Mum, Dad, Graham and Morgan for support during the making of this album.

Neil would like to thank Esther, Mum and Dad and the Primrose Clan, Jeremy and Kate Proctor and Adam Seymour.

We love you's: Natalie Peatfield and Hayley Chilton, Anthony McGee, Emma Quigley, Tony Crean, Mike Henegha, and all @ Independiente, Carol Crabtree and all @ Solar, Charlie Pinder and The Lovely Blair MacDonald @ Sony ATV Music. Anthon Brookes and all @ Anglo Plugging, Peter Nash, Steve Jeffery, Noel and Liam Gallagher @ Oasis, Hugh @ Rak, Gerard @ Mayfair, Mark Wallis, Michael and Aaron @ Infinite Thrill. Elliott Atkins, Jonny, Nick and Giles, Jeremy Procter, Stephen Street, John Hardwick, Darrin M. Hammer & Tongs, Big Train, Stefan Ruiz, Mark and Seb @ Blue Source, Andrew Landesberg @ Arbiter Group PLC, Jude and Bernard McLaverty, Adam Seymour and Susie Hug.

SPECIAL SPECIAL THANKS to Andy Mac, Ian McAndrew and Colin Lester for looking out for us. You are the greatest. Thanks also to Mike Hedges AKG32-4412 and Ian Grimble.

And finally...Thank you Nigel for turning this crazy bird around. Ah!

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