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Where You Stand


Where You Stand

Red Telephone Box


1. Mother
(D. Payne, F. Healy, A. Dunlop, N. Primrose)

2. Moving
(D. Payne)

3. Reminder
(F. Healy)

4. Where You Stand
(D. Payne, H. Partridge, F. Healy)
D. Payne: Piano and acoustic guitar

5. Warning Sign
(F. Healy)

6. Another Guy
(F. Healy, D. Payne & A. Dunlop)
F. Healy: Drums and Op1

7. A Different Room
(D. Payne)
Recorded at Hansa Mix Room, Berlin
D. Payne: Piano

8. New Shoes
(F. Healy)

9. On My Wall
(D. Payne)
Recorded at Hansa Mix Room, Berlin

10. Boxes
(F. Healy & A. Dunlop)

11. The Big Screen
(F. Healy & A. Dunlop)

All tracks produced by Michael Illbert
All tracks mixed by Michael Illbert at Hansa Mix Room, Berlin
All tracks mastered by Tom Coynes at Sterling Sound NYC. Assisted by Aya Merrill

All tracks recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings, Norway except as indicated
Assisted by Nick Terry

Vocals, guitars and programming by F. Healy
Backing vocals, bass and programming by D. Payne
Lead guitars and piano programming and BVs by A. Dunlop
Drums by N. Primrose

Design by F. Healy
Layout by dlt
All photography by F. Healy apart from Deckchair Man and Fran's portrait by Nick Freemantle


Special Thanks:

Fran: Thank you to Nora, Clay and Mum
Neil: Thanks and love to Esther, Lola, Isla and all the family
Andy: All my love and thanks to Jo, Dylan, Mum and Dad x
Dougie: All my love to Kelly, Freddit and Theo, Mum, Dad and all the family.


Management: Ian McAndrew
for Wildlife Entertainment Ltd


Wildlife Entertainment Ltd - Ian McAndrew, Emma Greengrass, Jodie Harkins, Murray Curnow, Laura Silk, Tara Hill & Carly Garrod, Barbara Charone, Fred Mellor, Louisa Worksett, Joe Bennett, Steve Tandy, Karen Williams, Lizzie Dorney-Kingdom, Michael Grant, Paul Hitchman, Beth Clayton, Paul Trueman, Patrick Ross & all at Kobolt Label Services, Mr. Piug & all at Hostess, Japan. Simon Esplen and Allesandra Hampshire of Russells. Steve Jeffrey, Richard Rosenberg, Jo Turner and all at SRLV. Peter Noah and Simon Tagesten at William Morris. John Dittmar at Pinnacle. Michael Illert, Tom Coyne, Dave Thomas, Gary Rough, Giles Woodhead, Nick Freemantle, Ken Wood, Pete Hanson, David Westlake, Jon Ashworth, Matthias Simons, Toby Hoggarth and Colin Ross. Arvid Giskeodegard, Ante Giskeodegard, Idar Ove Giskeodegard, Kenneth Telvik, Alexander Fksdat, Mikkel Moller, Synnove Ask, Bernt Jacob Osknes, Morten Myklebust and Robert Post, Filthy Swan, Ronald Schwartz, Noah Garson, Jacob Craycroft, Charlie Pinder, Wendy Weston, Adam Buxton and Garth Jennings. Jack Stanton, Ann Monaghan and Tori Harding, Rich Pagano, Johnny T, Emery Dobyns, Lee Foster of Electric Lady, Matt Romano, Jessica Weitz, Barry Taylor and all at MCT Bold NYC, Richard Flintham and all at 101 London, Chantal Webber, Jake Webber, Aurthur Flintham Webber, Sarah Iben, Josh Miller, Tracey Stokes, Julio Evans and all at MPC London. To the amazing Mr. Kubba and the team in 3B, thank you is not enough, Noreen Kahn, Tom Wigglesworth, Matt Robinson, Beth Allan, Blair Young, David Liddell, Steve Malkmus, Nigel Godrich, Wolfgang Doebeling, Zaren Jurges, Carl Nolde, Nader Nolde, The Boys Next Door, Pete R. Adam, Florian Schneider, Marie Steinmann, Tom Tykwer, Douglas Gordon, Tim Rice Oxley, Brandon Flowers, Ronnie Vanucci.

Dedicated to Ivor Cutler.

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