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Beautiful Dreamer Promo


Beautiful Dreamer (Bonus CD)
(This disc was packaged with Beautiful Dreamer DVD)

LSL (Promotional Disc)

Track 1: “Surf’s Up” Instrumental Version

(Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
Irving Music (BMI)
“Surf’s Up” Produced and Arranged by Brian Wilson
Mixed and Recorded by Mark Linett
© 2004 BriMel (Used By Permission – All Rights Reserved)

Track 2: A Conversation with Brian Wilson

(Recorded April 21, 2005)

Track 3: An Interview with David Leaf
Conducted by John Scheinfeld
(Recorded April 21, 2005)

Tracks 2 & 3 © 2005 LSL Productions (All Rights Reserved) Painting of Brian Wilson by David Anderle © 1967 David Anderle (Used By Permission – All Rights Reserved)

CD Production and Editing: Peter Lynch II
CD Design: Edward Alfonso Marketing: SW14 Group, Los Angeles, California Special

Thanks: David Beard, David Bither, Peter Clancy, Michael deMartin, Sam Lambert, Ronnie Lippin, Nonesuch Records, Jean Sievers, Brian Wilson, Melinda Wilson, Arlene, Ben & Tom Wsazlek
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