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I Just Wasnt Made For...


Brian Wilson
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times


1. Meant For You
:50 (Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love)

2. This Whole World
1:55 (Written by Brian Wilson)

3. Caroline, No
2:39 (Written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher)

4. Let The Wind Blow
2:44 (Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love)

5. Love And Mercy
3:13 (Written by Brian Wilson and Eugene Landy)

6. Do It Again
(Featuring Carnie and Wendy Wilson)
2:44 (Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love)

7. The Warmth Of The Sun
3:47 (Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love)

8. Wonderful

2:13 (Written by Brian Wilson)

9. Still I Dream Of It (Original Home Demo, 1976)
3:35 (Written by Brian Wilson)

10. Melt Away
2:58 (Written by Brian Wilson and Eugene Landy)

11. 'Til I Die
2:46 (Written by Brian Wilson)


Brian Wilson - Vocals and Piano

Carnie & Wendy Wilson - Background vocals on "Do It Again"

Jim Keltner - Drums

James "Hutch" Hutchinson - Bass

Benmont Tench - Piano and Organ

Mark Goldenberg, Waddy Wachtel
- Guitar

David McMurray - Saxophone and Flute

Background Vocals: Sweet Pea Atkinson, Sir Harry Bowens, Donald Ray Mitchell, Jeff Pescetto, Andrew Gold, Kip Lennon

Background Vocals Conducted By: Jeff Pescetto and Andrew Gold


In the fall of 1989, I was working with a band who turned me on to the bootlegged recordings of Brian Wilson's legendary, aborted SMILE sessions. Like a musical burning bush, these tapes awakened me to a higher consciousness in record making. I was amazed that one, single human could dream up this unprecedented and radically advanced approach to rock' n roll.

I was really stunned when I met him several months later. Far from the catatonic drug burn-out the tabloids loved to depict, the guy I got to know was lucid and happening. When we started to mess around in the studio, it became clear he felt like it.

How could a talent so great be so misunderstood and under appreciated? The documentary "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" attempts to explain to the non-musician precisely why the phrase "Brian Wilson is a genius" has appeared on the lips of three generations of musicians like holy gospel. This film portrays a man that few people get to meet - deep, sensitive, funny and yes....perhaps a bit bizarre. The real story, however, is contained here on this album, for it's only when he's making music that Brian fully comes to life. If you listen closely to  these brilliant reinterpretations of his old songs, you'll know everything you need to about the elusive Mr. Wilson.

My personal favorite is CAROLINE, NO, his paean to lost innocence. I hear the weary voice of a man who'd been hurled through the emotional wringer and yet, one can plainly discern the youthful sweetness, optimism and goodness that characterizes Brian's soul.

It's that very dichotomy that makes him one of the most enigmatic and endearing characters of these times.

Don Was


Special Thanks To:

Melinda Ledbetter Wilson, J.D. Souther, Brian O'Doherty, Michael Rosenfeld, Gemma Corfield, Ken Kushnick, David Passick and Jack Leitenberg, Nigel Williams, Anne Marie MacKay, Martha Luttrell, Geoff Gilmore and Tim Prior.

I would like to dedicate this album to: Phil Spector, my wife, Melinda, my mother, Audree Wilson; Andy Paley; Don Was; David Leaf; and The Beach Boys.

- Brian Wilson         


Recorded by Rik Pekkonen at Ocean Way, Hollywood, CA - Assisted by Dan Bosworth

Additional recording by Dan Bosworth at The Chomsky Ranch, Los Angeles, CA

Mixed by Rik Pekkonen at Record One, Los Angeles, CA - Assisted by Rail Rogut

Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA - Assisted by Gavin Lursson

Chief of Staff: Jane Oppenheimer

Production Coordinator:
Carrie McConkey for The Marsha Burn Co.

David MacMurray appears courtesy of Warner Bro. Records Inc.

Produced by Don Was and Brian Wilson

Art Direction: Vartan

Design: Don Engel and Forest Fein

Photography: Caroline Grayshock

Stylist: Connie Cappos

Make-Up: Natasha

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