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1. Memories
(Rivers Cuomo) E.O. Smith Music (BMI)

2. Ruling me

(Rivers Cuomo/Dan Wilson) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and Sugar Lake Music (ASCAP)/Warner Chappell Music Inc. (ASCAP)

3. Trainwrecks
(Rivers Cuomo/Desmond Child) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and Desmobile Inc (ASCAP)

4. Unspoken
(Rivers Cuomo) E.O. Smith Music (BMI)

5. Where’s My Sex?

(Rivers Cuomo/Greg Wells) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and Firehouse Cat Music (ASCAP), administered by Kolbalt Music Publishing (ASCAP)

6. Run Away
(Rivers Cuomo/Ryan Adams) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and Barland Music (BMI)

7. Hang On

(Rivers Cuomo/Rick Nowels) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and R Rated Music (ASCAP), administered by EMI April Music (ASCAP)

8. Smart Girls
(Rivers Cuomo/Tony Kanal/Jimmy Harry) E.O. Smith Music (BMI), Pirate Ship Music (ASCAP) and Wharga Musica (ASCAP)

9. Brave New World
(Rivers Cuomo/Linda Perry) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and Stuck In The Throat Music (ASCAP)/Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (ASCAP)

10. Time Flies
(Rivers Cuomo/Mac Davis) E.O. Smith Music (BMI) and Songpainter Music (BMI)

Weezer is:

Brian Bell
Rivers Cuomo
Scott Shriner
Patrick Wilson


Produced by Shawn Everett and Rivers Cuomo

Recorded by Shawn Everett at Zeitgeist Studios, Los Angeles, CA and Red Bull Studios, Santa Monica, CA
Additional Recording at The Village, Los Angeles, CA and Threshold Sound & Vision, Santa Monica, CA
Assistant Engineers: Todd Bergman, Eric Stenman, Chesare Marolo, James Mussham
Additional Recording on “Where’s My Sex?” by Cameron Webb at Hurley Studios, Costa Mesa, CA

Mixed by Shawn Everett: Tracks 1, 6, 8, 10
Mixed by Marc McClusky: Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 9
Mixed by John Goodmanson: Track 4

Mastered by Dave Collins at Dave Collins Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Gang Vocals on “Memories” by Johnny Knoxville, Wee-Man, Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Preston Lacy, April Margera, Ehren McGhehey, Steve-O, Chris Pontius
Additional Guitar on “Memories” by Chris Pontius
Additional Background Vocals on “Ruling Me” by Dan Wilson
Orchestration on “Trainwrecks” by Alex Greenwald
Piano on “Trainwrecks” by Desmond Child
Keyboards on “Trainwrecks” by Blake Mills
Percussion on “Unspoken” by Avam Sills
Flute on “Unspoken” by Greg Vail
Guitar and Bass on “Run Away” by Ryan Adams
Hurdy Gurdy on “Hang On” by Tony Berg
Mandolin and Background Vocals on “Hang On” by Michael Cera
Additional Guitar on “Smart Girls” by Jimmy Harry

Strings Recorded at The Banff Centre in Luscar Studios, Banff, Alberta, Canada
String Arrangements, Conductor: Tyler Fitzmaurice, Allegra Young
Orchestration: Simon Gamache, Florian Krentz
String Engineer, Percussion, Production Coordinator: Theresa Leonard
Production Assistants: Florian Krentz, Sergey Martynyuk
String Engineers: Noland Bouvier, Gonzalo Garcia, Jim Hewins, Pattie Phillips, Shelley Upichard
Viola: John Batchelder, Carrie Campbell, Cat Gray, Kellen McDaniel, Kayleigh “Kmizzle” Miller, Brian Sherwood
Violin: Emily Botel, Yoon-Kyung “YK” Shin, Maria Van der Sloot, Jeremy Van Sylke, Allegra Young
Cello: Devin Franco, Gabrielle Hamann-Guennette, Cecilila Huerta
Octa Bass: Travis Harrison

Management: Daniel Field at Boom
Booking: Kirk Sommer and Don Muller
International Booking: Rod MacSween
Legal: David Lande and Irina Volodarsky
Business Management: Bill Vuylsteke and Shelley Venemann at Provident Financial
Publishing Administration: Randall Wixen
Digital Marketing: Ben Patterson at DashGo
Boom: Heather Foster, Michelle Gonzales, Kelly Perkins
Epitaph: Jason Fisher, Austin Griswold, Dave Hansen, Karl Hensen, Sue Lucarelli, Matt McGreevey, Tami Morrissey, Chris Travero

A&R: Brett Gurewitz
Assistant: Sarah C. Kim
Strict Discipline: Karl Koch
Studio Techs: Doug Forsdick, Jesse Issacs, Tracy Robar

Art Direction: Johannes Gamble
Cover Photography: Daniel Field
Band Photography: Danny Clinch


Weezer is thankful for ….

Jorge Garcia, Greg Teal, Laura Wasser and everyone at Hurley; Meredith Chinn, Greg Hammer and everyone at Red Bull; Tony Berg, Peter Barker and Threshold Studio, Jeff Greenberg and The Village, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Erik Kritzer, Rehana Razvi, Bad Robot, Jeff Remaine and everyone at Dickhouse, Denise Luiso, Alex Luke and Apple, Danny Clinch, Blackie Blackman, Josh Freese, Min Ta, Kathy Nelson, Everyone at Yo Gabba Gabba!, Tim Bergevin and everyone at Nike; Alex Perez, Michael Schulz and everyone at Fender; Dave Smith and everyone at Moog; Tien and Tim at Mesa Boogie; Rotosound Strings, Ludwig, Fractal Audio, Charvel, Matchless Amps, Dodge – makers of the timeless Challenger, Zildjian, Vater, Matt at Wren & Cuff, Canon, Drum Doctors, Lon Cohen, Spike Jonze, Natalie Farrey, Michelle Flannery and Youtube; Flip Cameras, New Era, Eric Kohler, Jeff Azoff, Evan Harrison, Owen Grover, Rich McLaughlin, John Ehlers, Josh Klenert and Radio Weezer; Holly Schomann, Leslie Fram, Matt Pinfield, Julie Pilot, Tom Calderone, Tom Donnell, The Chicago Blackhawks; Megan, Rick, Andy and everyone at Girl Skateboards; Allison Statter, Irving Azoff, Colin Hodgson, Lou Taylor, Tom Reed, GT at Von Zipper, Paul Shaffer, Will Lee, Tom Bones Malone and everyone at Late Night with David Letterman, George Lopez, Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, Oasis, The US Soccer Organization and US Soccer Team; Ross Zapin, Mark Geiger, Vice Magazine, Jam Productions, Luke Wood, Thom Panunzio, Brenda Romano, Jeff Stacey, Tomoko Itoki, Brian Frank, Jim Merlis, Alex Reese, Evan Peters, Kathy Angstadt, Michelle An, Chuck Reed, Ed Goodreau, The Thom Thom Club, Steve Sherr, Maynard James Keenan, Stone Gossard, Mark Lewman and everyone at Nemo; The Fultonville New York Fire Department; PJ, Naomi, Madison and Rocko Akira Clapp, Pitika, Olive and Mingus; Stuart Ross, Blair Dickerson, Nat and Alex Wolff, Alex Greenwald, Tony Beliveau, Tommy Organ, David Rynick, Rhett and Link, Wax, O, Scott Kinsey, Paul and Susan Sunich, Sherri Timmons, Mark Gonzales, Andy Mueller, Robert Meyers, Jim Morey, Anne Puccini, Alex Field; Oliver, Ruby and Clyde, Dave Georgeff, Geoffrey Funk, Travis Schneider, Jeff Conrad, Tyler Lewis, Belgica Evertt, Neal Desby; Shelly and Bill; Jen, Charlie and Ian.


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