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Make Believe

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Make Believe


1. Beverly Hills

2. Perfect Situation

3. This Is Such A Pity

4. Hold Me

5. Peace

6. We Are All On Drugs

7. The Damage In Your Heart

8. Pardon Me

9. My Best Friend

10. The Other Way

11. Freak Me Out

12. Haunt You Every Day

Produced by Rick Rubin
Additional Production by Chad Bamford and Weezer

Mixed by:

Tracks 3, 7, 9, 11 – Josh Abraham
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 12 – Neal Avron
Tracks 1, 6, & 8 – Rich Costey
Track 10 – Alan Moulder
Published by E.O. Smith Music (BMI)

Recorded at Cello Studios, Los Angeles, December 2003; Grandmaster Recorders, Los Angeles, Summer 2004 & Henson Studios, Los Angeles, January/February 2005

Recorded by Chad Bamford and Jim Scott
Additional Pro Tools Engineering: Ryan Williams
Assistant Engineers: Dan Leffeler, Andrew Alakiel, Kevin Mills, Jeremy MacKenzie, Claudius Mittendorfer, George Gumbs
Guitar Tech: Bobby Schneck & Doug Forsdick
Drum Tech: Mike Fasano

Executive Producer: Jordan Schur
Album Production Coordinator: Lindsay Chase

Mastered by Vlada Meller @ Sony Music Studios, New York

Violin on “The Damage In Your Heart” Performed by Akiko Tarumoto
Additional vocals on “Beverly Hills” performed by Stephanie Eitel
Saxophone on “The Other Way” performed by Jason Freese

All songs written by Rivers Cuomo

Brian Bell thanks:

Peggy Nunez for her love and support throughout the hectic times of a musician. Spiritual guru: Siavash Tabrizy. My family: Linda Menasco, Thomas and Leia Bell. Musical guidance: Nate Shaw, Bruce Reich, Eric Vetro, and Bruce Sutherland. My closest friends: Mike Elliot, Tim and Glenn Maloof. For business dealings and deals they wield: Dan Field, Jordan Schur, Stuart Ross, Gary Schneider, Andrew Megerdechian, Richard Schelfinga, Alma Chebishian, Kelly Perkins, Michelle Gonzales. And lastly my band mates (you know who you are).


Rivers Cuomo thanks: S.N. Goenka, Rick Rubin, SighP.J., friends, family, and teachers.


Scott Shriner thanks:

The love of my life, Jillian, you’ve made me a better man and I love you with all my heart. My family: Catherine, Jeff and Kay and Lori Page Shriner. David Kushner, Brian Ray, Ricky Mahler, David Kalish, Rob Weaver and family, Ed and Susan Wells, John and Linda Pezzino, Louis Prosdocimo and family, all the Shriners and LeFevres, Tim G., Chad Smith and family, the Dreskins, Barry Squire, Atom Willard, All the guys at the Stag: Pat H and David M, uncle Mike, Jeff J., Alan G. Bill M. The guys that kept me on track: Adam G, Brian H, Warren H, Tony W, Scott E, Johnny L, Billy P, James P. Most importantly, the big guy, God.


Pat Wilson thanks:

These are people I want to thank even if they had nothing to do with the creation of this recording … Jen and Charlie Wilson, Chad Bamford and his crispy resistance factor, Rod Cervera for the lodging and palsmanship. Todd Trent of Ludwig, Kirsten Matt at Zildjian, Dan Field for being the man, Rick Rubin for the patience, Bill V and Shelley V and everyone at Provident. Karl Koch for being the blan, Don Muller, Stuart Ross (look, here’s the thing …), Bobby Schneck, Aron Michalski, Dan Hadley, Craig Overbay, Atom and Heather, Brett and Gina, Rivers, Brian and Peggy, Scott and Jillian, Ami Spishock, Jordan Schur, Joe Barresi, Jim Scott, Andrew at Grandmaster, Cello Studio


Additional Thanks:

Todd Sullivan, Eric Vetro, Jackie Brandt, Ric Ocasek

Gear: Fender USA, Ernie Ball Strings, Dunlop Picks, Tech 21, Bob Dixon @ Amphole

Management: Daniel Field, with Jeff Kwatinetz, Kelly Perkins and all at The Firm
Booking: Don Muller & Marlene Tsuchii/CAA
Legal: David Lande & Emily Hay/Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman & Cook, LLP
Business Management: Bill Vuylsteke & Shelley Venemann/Provident Financial Management

Science Officer: Karl Koch
Assistant: Sarah C. Kim

Art Direction/Design: Francesca Restrepo
Illustrations: Carson Ellis
Photography: Sean Murphy
Stylist: Houston Sands
Studio Photograph: Karl Koch



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