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Weezer (2001)

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(The Green Album)

Geffen Records


1. Don’t Let Go

2. Photograph

3. Hash Pipe

4. Island In The Sun

5. Crab

6. Knock-down Drag-out

7. Smile

8. Simple Pages

9. Glorious Day

10. O Girlfriend


Brian Bell: Guitar & Vocals
Rivers Cuomo: Vocals & Guitar
Patrick Wilson: Drums
Mikey Welsh: Bass & Vocals


Torniamo all antico e sara un progresso


All songs written by Rivers Cuomo

Produced by Ric Ocasek
Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge
Engineered by Ken Allardyce
Recorded at Cello Studios, Los Angeles, December 2000
Mixed at South Beach Studios, Miami, January 2001
Assistant Engineer at Cello: Alan Sanderson
Assistant Engineer at South Beach: Femio Hernandez
Additional Engineering by Carlos “Loco” Bedoya & Baraka
Mastered by Vlado Meller at Sony Music Studios, New York

Executive Producer: Jordan Schur
Published by E.O. Smith Music, BMI
Boot Knocka: Karl Koch
Guitarchitect: Bobby Schneck
Drum God: Atom Willard
Art Director: Chris Bilheimer
Photography by Marina Chavez and Karl Koch

MST3K silhouette used by permission of Best Brains, Inc.

Thank you:

Our fans, Koyoko Ito, Chris Donohue and the Third Rail Posse, Jenna Adler, Rinat Radvinsky, Rick Roskin, Shelley Venemann, Bill Vulsteke and the Provident Crew, Kim Davis, Peter Paterno, Jeffery Bischoff, Asli Bener, Tom Vadakan, Tom Donnell, Martin Horne, Burt Deixler, Skip and Lee from Mets, Randall Wixen, Todd Trent at Ludwig, Gus Brandt, Eric Fermin, Bob Lewis, Jim Carroccio, Joe Beebe, Renato Petruzziello, Dan Hadley, Dr. Laura, Dr. Miyawaki, Candace Stewart, Todd Phillips, Chad Bamford, Joe Barresi, Cindy Mah, Neil Young, David White, Tim Maloof, Bill Scanlon, Chris Toth, Barry Sloane, David Strumfall, Leo Perez, Dan Jones, Dennis Dennehy, Jimmy Pop, Miho Hatori, No Doubt, Nofx, Nerf Herder, Schwa, Ozma, Ivan Sokolov, Michael and Kris Stanton, Tim Levitch, Steve Nice, Chad Brandolini at Vater, Kirsten Matt at Zildjian, Rachel Haden, Yukaka Itoh, Yumi Hasegawa, A.J. Raymundo, Rod Cervera, Joan from GoodForm, Dean Dingman, Todd Sullivan, Jennifer Vineyard, Jason Pettigrew, Lyndsey Parker, David Campbell, Rick Nowels, Alan Rich, Russell Simins, Marco Collins, Tony Scarpa, Gill Chevez, Robert Hernandez, Angie C from WFNX, Kim White, Cheryl Jenets, John Lind, Cole Rehearsal, Joe Galdo, Swinghouse, Jen Bush, Tony Maxwell, Spike Jonze, Adrian Tomine, Andrew Bargeron, Elena Jensen, Mariko Sakamoto, Bruce Sutherland, Chris at Tk, the SigAlerts, Ted Liscinski, The Welsh Family, Peggy Nunez, The Bell Family, Jennifer Wilson, The Wilson Family, The Cuomo Family, Ma, Steve and Leaves.


Dedicated in loving memory to Mykel and Carli.

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