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Van Dyke Parks

Warner Bros. Records
9 23829-2


1. Jump! 2:00 (Instrumental)

2. Opportunity For Two 3:15
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee and Van Dyke Parks)

“He ain’t set dar long ‘fo yer come da gal w’at he bin studyin’ ‘bout. She had a pail in ‘er han’ en she wuz comin atter water. She come ‘long down de paff swingin’ de pail in her han’ en singin’.”

3. Come Along 3:23
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee and Van Dyke Parks)

“…Brer Fox, sezee. ‘Dar’s gwine ter be a party up at Miss Meadow’s, ‘sezee. All de gals ‘ll be dere, en I promus’ dat I’d fetch you. De gals, dey ‘lowed dat hit wouldn’t be no party ceppin I fotch you, ‘ sez Brer Fox, sezee.”

4. I Ain’t Goin’ Home 3:44
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee & Van Dyke Parks)

“…he step up en drap ‘bout a tumbeler full somers down in de neighborhoods er de goozle. Brer Rabbit mighty lak some folks I knows. He tuck one tumbeler full, en ‘twa’n ‘t long ‘fo’ he tuck n’er’n, en w’en a man do dis a-way,” continued Uncle Remus, somewhat apologetically, “he bleedzd ter git drammy.”

5. Many A Mile To Go 3:42
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee & Van Dyke Parks)

“….En eve’y time he los’ a house he los’ one er his chilluns. Las’ Brer Rabbit got mad, he did en cusst, en den he went off, he did…”

6. Taps 2:15 (Instrumental)

7. An Invitation To Sin 3:18
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee & Van Dyke Parks)

“Den Brer Rabbit ‘low dat he skeer’d de gal won’t have ‘im, but Miss Meadows ‘fuse ter hol’ any mo’ confab wid ‘im, she des broke out singin’…”

8. Home
(Lyrics: Terry Gilkyson & Van Dyke Parks)

“Brer Rabbit, he des tuck’n shot up de house en fassen de winders, en den he go ter bed, he did, en pull de coverled up ‘round’ he years, en he sleep like a man w’at ain’t owe nobody nothin’.”

9. After The Ball 3:50
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee & Van Dyke Parks)

“De gal, she make out, she did, dat she des come down dar atter a chaw er vozzum. Dey jawered ‘round’ a right smart, en ‘spute ‘long wid one n’er. But Brer Rabbit, he got de gal.”

10. Look Away 4:02
(Music and Lyrics: Van Dyke Parks)

“Mo dan dat, dey got de Bible; an’ yit when you git a little older, you’ll wake up some fine day and say ter yo se’f date de creeturs is got de ‘vantage er folks, spite er de fac’ dat dey ain’t know de diffunce ‘twix’ right an’ wrong.”

11. Hominy Grove
(Lyrics: Martin Fyodr Kibbee and Van Dyke Parks)

“…Brer Wolf had kinder made up his min’ dat he can’t outdo Brer Rabbit…he live wid his fambly on one side de road, and Brer Rabbit live wid his fambly on de yuther side, not close nuff fer ter quoll ‘bout de fence line, an’ yit close nuff fer der youngest chillum ter play tergedder whiles de ol’ folks wuz payin’ der Sunday calls.”


Produced by Steve Goldman

Arranged and Conducted by Lennie Niehaus

Engineered by Rick Ruggieri
Recorded at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, California

Mixed by Rick Ruggieri at The Mix Room, North Hollywood, California
LP Originally Mastered by Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood
CDD Pre-Mastering by WCI Record Group

Recorded December 1982-February 1983
Contractor: Jules Chaiken

Vocal Arrangements by Ian Freebairn-Smith
Production Assistant: Pam Lobue

Piano: Van Dyke Parks
Bass: Jim Hughart
Drums: Jim Keltner
Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin: Fred Tackett
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan, Stanley Behrens
Harp: Gayle Levant

Vibes, Marimba, Bells, Timpani: Emil Richards

Cymbalom: Kenny Watson
Steel Drum: Robert Greenidge

Lead Vocals: Kathy Dalton, Danny Hutton (“Look Away”), Van Dyke Parks

Background Vocals: Jennifer Warnes

Art Direction: Laura LiPuma
Photography: James Goble

Additional Illustration: Diane O’Quinn Burke

The book was mine, but now you have made it yours, both sap and pith. Take It, therefore, my dear Frost, and believe me,

faithfully yours,
Joel Chandler Harris

Dedicated To My Mother, Mary Joy, Who Taught Me To Read


All Songs Music by Van Dyke Parks

Lyrics as Credited
Br’er Rab Music Inc., BMI

Excerpts from “Tales of Uncle Remus” by Joel Chandler Harris

Copyright © 1955 by Houghton Mifflin Company
All Songs © 1983 Br’er Rab Music Inc., BMI
All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

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