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Tokyo Rose (1989)


Van Dyke Parks
Tokyo Rose

Warner Bros. Records
9 25968-2

1. America 3:47

2. Tokyo Rose 5:08

3. Yankee Go Home

4. Cowboy

5. Manzanar 6:02

6. Calypso 4:27

7. White Chrysanthemum 4:00

8. Trade War

9. Out Of Love

10. One Home Run
(Words by Van Dyke Parks and Amy Furumoto)

All songs written by Van Dyke Parks, except America (Public Domain) Arr./Adapted by Van Dyke Parks.
Japanese Lyrics on One Home Run by Amy Furumoto


Producer: Andrew Wickham

Management: Jack Daley
Production Coordinator/Orchestra Contracting: Jules Chaiken
Orchestration/Conducting: Todd Hayen
Balance and Recording Engineer: Douglas Botkin

Recorded at: Evergreen Studios, Burbank, March 20, 22, 24, 1989
Assistant Engineer: David Marquette
Mixed at Pacifique Studios, Burbank, April 1-9 1989
Assistant Engineers: Randy G. Long, Ken Detanteriasian
Synthesizer Pre-Record: Micro Plant, Hollywood
Additional Engineers: Peter T. Lewis

Mastering: Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Concertmaster: Israel Baker
Assistant Concertmaster: Sid Page
Music Copying/Librarian: Janice Hayen

Vocalists: Danny Hutton (Yankee Go Home), Mari Ijima (Calypso), Julie Christensen, Kathy Dalton, Arnold McCuller, Lisa Popeil, Syd Straw, Terry Evans, Bobby King, Willie Greene

Synthesizer Sequencing/Programming: Mike Watts
Drums: Akira Tana
Bass: Buell Neidlinger, Van Dyke Parks
Guitars: Dennis Budimer, Brian Otto
Koto and Biwa: Osamu Kitajima
Shakuhachi: Masakazu Yoshizawa
Narimono: Hiromitus Kanada

Art Direction/Design: Mary Ann Dibs
Photography: Jay P. Morgan
Tokyo Rose: Leslie Kawai, Nina Blanchard Agency

Dedicated To My Children: Zoenda Joy, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Hill Parks, III

Thanks to: Koki Miura, Haruomi Hosano, Mike Nakamura, Kazuyoshi Matsukura, Kyodo Promotions, Tokugen Yamamoto and the staff of Warner Bros. Records, Tokyo.

Hi-Fi Facts: A 48 track Dolby SR Analog Recording.
Microphones: Neumann M-250b, U-89, TLM:170; AKG 414P-48; Shure SM 57; Electrovoice RE-20;
Consoles: Neve V 60. APL: Trident 80B; Harrison: Neve DTC (CD Mastering).
Storage:  Two track: Studer 820 1/2”. 24 Track: Studer 820; Otari: MTR-90; Sony JH-24; Ampex MM-1200. Tape speed: 30 ips. Sony PCM 1630/BVU-800 (CD Mastering). Neumann SX-74 Cutter Head (LP).

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