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Song Cycle (68)
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Warner Bros. 9 25856-2

1. Vine Street (R. Newman)

2. Palm Desert (Van Dyke Parks)

3. Widow's Walk
(Van Dyke Parks)

4. Laurel Canyon Blvd. (Van Dyke Parks)

5. The All Golden (Van Dyke Parks)

6. Van Dyke Parks (Public Domain)

7. Public Domain (Van Dyke Parks)

8. Donovan's Colours
(Donovan Leitch)

9. The Attic (Van Dyke Parks)

10. Laurel Canyon Blvd. (Van Dyke Parks)

11. By The People (Van Dyke Parks)

12. Pot Pourri (Van Dyke Parks)

Produced by Lenny Waronker

All selections arranged by Van Dyke Parks except "Vine Street" by Randy Newman. All songs (C) 1968 Found Farm Ballads BMI except "Vine Street," published by January Music Corp. BMI and "Donovan's Colours," published by Southern Music Pub. Co., Inc., ASCAP

Engineering supervised by Lee Herschberg
Stereo & Monaural Compositions by: Bruce Botnick
Sound Effects by: Jack Glaser & El Supremo
Musical Advisor and Conductor: Kirby Johnson
Contractor: Donald Lanier & Tommy Tedesco
Art Director: Ed Thrasher
Album Design by: The Corporate Head
Photography: Guy Webster
Graphics: Tom Wilkes

Percussion: Earl Palmer/James Gordon/Gary Coleman/Hal Blaine

Harp: Gayle Levant
Viola Solo: Virginia Majewski
Violin Solo: Misha Goodatieff
Piano: Randall Newman on "Vine Street" / George Washington Brown on "Colours"
Guitar: Dick Rosmini/Ron Elliott
Authentic Folk Choir: Billie J. Barnum/Gerri Engemann/Julia E. Rinker/Gaile Parks/Nick Woods/Karen Gunderson/James Hendricks/Vanessa Hendricks/Durrie Parks/Paul Jay Robbins

Strings: Charles Berghofer/Harry Bluestone/Samuel Boghossian/Joseph Ditullio/Jesse Erlich/Philip Goldberg/Armand Kaproff/Williams Kurasch/Jerry Reisler/Lyle Ritz/Leonard Malarsky/Robert West/Donald Bagley/Dennis Budimer/Trefoni Rizzi/Gregory Bemko/Nathan Gershman/Joseph Saxon/Orville (Red) Rhodes

Balalaika: Thomas Tedesco/Allan Reuss/Nicolai Bolin/Leon Stewart/William Nadel/Vasil Crienica

Accordion: Carl Fortina

Woodwinds & Reeds: Jay Migliori/George Fields/William Green/James Horn/Thomas Scott/Ted Nash/Thomas Morgan/Norman Benno

Brass: Arthur Briegleb/Vincent De Rosa/Richard Perissi/Richard Hyde/Thomas Shepard

Folk: Steve Young
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