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Capitol Albums


It's been well documented that Capitol Records changed just about everything The Beatles released for America. What's amazing is that it's created an alternate Beatles universe. From the album covers, the tracking order, to creating the 'Stereo vs. Mono' wars, these Capitol releases have triggered decades of debate that will continue forever. 
You can link to these Liner Notes below.

Even though the Capitol albums and the British EMI albums are identical after "Revolver" you can still link to them from this page. The link to "Yesterday And Today" connects with the original American vinyl LP since it was never released in Britain.  For "A Hard Day's Night" and "Revolver" there are two links to two different releases, one to the original American vinyl LP and the other to the 1986 First Generation CD. Since EMI has never re-issued the American versions on CD it's only here on vinyl. "Magical Mystery Tour" is represented by two different links. Originally, the full "Magical Mystery Tour" LP wasn't released in the U.K., it was released as a six-song EP. The full LP was only released in the U.S. (however, in 1976 it was finally released in England). When the First-Generation CDs were released in 1986, the LP version of "Magical Mystery Tour" became the official version. Got it?

There are additional albums below that were released by Capitol subsequent to the Beatles breakup. Some of them are only available from the original vinyl and have never been available on CD.

In 2004, Capitol Records reissued two box sets containing their albums. You can link to those here as well (even though the albums are individually below, they have their own page).

Capitol Albums, Volume 1:

Meet The Beatles!

The Beatles' Second Album

Something New

Beatles '65



A Hard Day's Night (U.K)

A Hard Day's Night (U.S.)

Yesterday and Today


Capitol Albums, Volume 2:

The Early Beatles

Beatles VI


Rubber Soul


Revolver (U.K.)

Revolver (U.S.)


Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Magical Mystery Tour (CD)

Magical Mystery Tour (U.S.)

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles (The White Album)

Abbey Road

Let It Be


Live At The Hollywood Bowl

The Beatles' Rarities

Love Songs

The Beatles' Story


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